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Economic Recovery Through Debt Explosion

America has been rocketing towards a police state this past year, and of course is dragging the rest of the world with her. The media meanwhile,. has completely vindicated McCarthy in all of this – goose stepping to a tune that would make Stalin blush. Open your eyes a little, examine the blatant propaganda they’re churning out and ask yourself – is this MSNBC, ABC, CNN, or the ministry of propaganda? Not one of these clowns will report negatively on Obama, and are basically in bed with the regime. Will the Obama health care plan prove to be the final nail in the coffin for a nation that spends more than the gross domestic product of the world? Only time will tell. The media is trying to create a world where everything is fine, and you can go back to sleep. Ignore that smokey smell. The house is on fire? Oh don’t be ridiculous. In this vein, the media has taken to telling people that we’re in the midst of a recovery, even while signs point to something very different. Well, the canary in the cold mine has stopped singing, and it looks like US treasuries are set to be the next shoe to drop. Nations, indebted up to their eyeballs in Keynesian stimulus spending schemes, now teeter at the edge of insolvency. New housing sales hit new lows, and underemployment numbers are also at a record. If everything is fine, why is no one scooping up the huge treasury offerings?


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6 Responses to "Economic Recovery Through Debt Explosion"

  1. TheSharpenedPen says:
    AP, Apr.28/10:
    Europe’s debt crisis flared again Wednes. as Spain saw its credit rating lowered, just as Germany sought to reassure markets fearful over a possible Greek financial collapse by saying its share of a key aid package could be approved in the next few days.

    Stock & bond markets had begun to regain their composure caused by stinging downgrades of Greece & Portugal the day before when the Standard & Poors ratings agency delivered more bad news by cutting Spain’s rating to AA from AA+.

  2. TheSharpenedPen says:
    @DeathOfTheDollar2010 Yes, I don’t see how this can end well, nor do I see how it could possibly be the case, that our governments didn’t see this coming.

    Setting the house on fire, (running up incomprehensible debt), then attempting to put it out by pouring gasoline on the fire, (borrowing money to spend on stimulus projects), then declaring the problem solved once the ashes have stopped smoldering, doesn’t seem a logical strategy to me.

  3. DeathOfTheDollar2010 says:
    Get ready boys and girls for the complete total collapse of the world economy, leading to lawlessness , gangs, death….. insanity……
  4. dweber66 says:
    i liked it, although i sometimes was distracted by the awesome cartoons
  5. immayhem says:
    yep. well said.
  6. Malafede122112 says:
    I laughed until I cried…. About 10 seconds into the vidi.

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