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Emergency Legal Help 24/7/365

A young man was unduly stopped one night by the police. He had his vehicle accessorized with additional lights to get more attention. This time, he got some extra attention that wasnt wanted.

The policeman had pulled him over for no apparent reason. He began to check out the lights, window tint, exhaust system etc. looking for some reason to write a ticket. The owner felt threatened, as any of us would have, being stopped like this on a little traveled road at night. He needed legal aid and he needed it right away.

He needed to know what his legal rights were. He told the officer that he wanted to speak to his lawyer. The policeman quickly agreed thinking that the driver was bluffing, he didnt have a lawyer available at 10 pm. One look at the man and his vehicle and he knew he wasnt rich enough to have a lawyer on retainer. Even if he did, chances are he wouldnt have his cell or home number.


The driver made one call and within minutes, he was speaking with his lawyer. The lawyer spoke to the policeman about the problem and then hung up. Before he knew it, the policeman had muttered an apology and the driver was on his way home.

Was the vehicle owner rich? NO!!! What he had though was a Legal Shield that gave him access to the Justice System. In others words, he had available to him and his family, affordable legal aid to the rescue 24/7/365, in case of emergency. You can too!!!

What if a police officer came to your door at 7 am with a warrant for your arrest or seeking custody of your children?  What if you were innocent and this was a case of mistaken identity or identity theft?  What if you were involved in an accident at night (or in a time that wasn’t during normal business hours) and you had legal questions and wanted to know what your legal rights are? 

These are just a few examples of times that you need an attorney’s advice right away.  You don’t have time to schedule an appointment in a few days.  You need help NOW!!!  Do you have this type of help available to you?

Find out how to get affordable legal help 24/7/365 here:

I am a Small Business owner that loves God and sports. I am an avid golfer. I enjoy helping protect individuals, families and small business owners against Legal and Identity Theft issues while saving them money too.


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