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Ending Spending: Budget Bandits

Spending more than we bring in is bringing America closer to bankruptcy and will rob future generations of their chance at the American dream. Join the Ending Spending movement & take a stand against the Budget Bandits in Washington. For more information, visit


  1. Facing a budget shortfall, why is a Democrats first response ALWAYS raising taxes vs. cutting spending? It seems that no matter how much revenue comes into Washington, there’s never enough – Democrats and Republicans both have...

  2. Paul Ryan Unveils the House Republican Budget Alternative House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan (WI-01) introduces a comprehensive alternative to the fiscal year 2010 budget proposed...

  3. Is cutting spending really better than increasing Tax Revenues with Better Jobs and Higher standards of living? I know Orange John want to cut spending by tossing the Grandmothers out in the cold But what about better...

  4. Economics less #2: Many times in US history, economic potentials were squandered by government spending? The most recent example is Bush Jr., isn’t it? Sure he raised federal revenues by more than 20% by across-the-board...

  5. Why doesn’t Obama (or his supporters) acknowledge we’ve reached UNSUSTAINABLE levels of spending? Insolvency = More expenses than the U.S. federal govt. has money to pay In this 60 Minutes interview from 2007...

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25 Responses to "Ending Spending: Budget Bandits"

  1. supergayhomofag says:
    Ron Paul
  2. dkoribag1 says:
    My vote is for Gary Johnson 2012. Everyone els can fuck off.
  3. dkoribag1 says:
    My vote is for Gary Johnson. Everyone els can fuck off.
  4. mattbrochill21 says:
    spam every website on the internet with ‘what do you think of the NDAA signed by obama?’ make someone google. do your part.

    we need to take our internet back. vote up.

  5. possumpistol says:
    Reps & Senators in the 112thcongress who honored their Oath of Office by voting in a manner that supports & defends the US Constitution & your liberty 100% of the time: Sue Myrick NC, Ron Paul TX, Phil Roe TN, B Posey FL, C Mack FL, Tom McClintock CA, Raul Labrador ID, T Huelskamp KS, T Johnson IL, W Jones NC, A Harris MD, T Graves GA, John Duncan, JR TN, Jeffery Duncan SC, J Campbell CA, J Chaffetz UT, J Amash MI, Rand Paul KY! 18 of 535 on ur side-vote with care-Ron Paul 2012
  6. vlfamousx says:
    Oil, Nukes, Oil and Nuclear! The Best Romney Quote To Date, Lets Remember This Speach Id Like To Make America Better For Job Creater’s, Buisnessmen and Inovater’s..(Did He Forget The Pesant’s, The MIddle Class, The Homless, The Elderly and The Struggling??) Hmm.. Let’s See How That Play’s Out Or We Can Vote For Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum??? Or American’s Can Vote For The Real American Hope Ron Paul..
  7. MatthewBMany says:
    hmm so Obama just put in a request to raise the debt ceiling and he is responsible…. Ron Paul would work to fix our economy but if you won’t vote for a guy with a 30 year voting record for the people, maybe you would consider Gary Johnson. Obama would finish driving our economy into the ground in 4 years. There wouldn’t be anything left. When the dollar collapses you would have the opportunity to be a millionaire because it would take that much to buy a loaf of bread.
  8. WoWplayer791 says:
    thumbs up if you noticed anonymous in this some where
    hint: it is at the end
  9. dontaskmewhatithink says:
    Our only choice. RON PAUL 2012
  10. CommunistWarrior1917 says:
    Despite my “radical” views, I DO agree that debt is a concern. My problem with this add is that it says nothing about what’s driving our debt. The #1 cause of our debt is wasteful military spending. Another significant cause is corporate welfare – just look at all the subsidies oil companies and mega-farmers get. These two are examples of things that both the right wing and left wing can agree to cut.
  11. meeep007 says:
    RONNNNNNNNNN PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better win the goddamn primary i dont want to have to vote for obama cause all the other republicans are retarded
  12. IceBlueENT says:
    You cannot spread freedom with war.

    Are we ignoring the obvious?

    Some Facts:

    1. Ron Paul? doesn’t cut taxes. He kills them with his bare hands

    2. When Chuck Norris gets scared, he goes to Ron Paul.

    3. Ron Paul doesn’t deliver babies, He simply recites the Bill of Rights from memory and they crawl out in anticipation of freedom.

  13. dicemanace says:
    Congress is realy just organized crime they spend most of the time fighting and all they want is money.
  14. VINNYMOR says:
    Ron Paul is the Goldwater of this century. The difference is we need sanity and freedom more than ever. Please voter, stay home if you are an idiot. We need an educated, curious, and thoughtful man in the office. Ron Paul will work to reduce the tyranny of our government, and get rid of the crooks.
  15. mrsparex says:
    It much worse since this vid was made.
    4.2 billion a day and we’re over 15 TRILLION
    …and rising quickly…
    Watch us fail or vote in the primary. You choose!
  16. c0unterph0bia says:
    There’s only one candidate who cares… RON PAUL!
  17. 97gs500e says:
    I’m a Mormon and I’m voting for RON PAUL 2012!
  18. em34ev3r says:
    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! first time voter, i havent given a single fuck about politics until this man came along.
  19. TheFightaz says:
    Ron Paul 2012!!!
    budget bandits = obama administration
  20. llibressal says:
    Ron Paul
  21. todopor says:
    If yoy don’t vote for Ron Paul,USA will be done
  22. gbrooks27 says:
    President Ron Paul the 45th POTUS! America needs his leadership now.
  23. kyle357tx says:
    RON PAUL !!!
  24. shamdansham says:
  25. zentricky69 says:
    Oh my God, it is happening. Blink, blink, blink, come on you can do it. Blink, blink, that’s right WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP. That’s right, you’ve been sleeping for a long, long time now, it will be hard to take but ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY AND YOU ARE 15 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! That’s right, the government has signed away your rights in the name of safety and spent more than 15 trillion that you don’t have.How did you let it get this way? Protect yourself HIRE DR.RON PAUL 2012!

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