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Euro Crisis: Germany and France Taking Lead, But Is It Enough to Save the Euro?

Germany and Europe are trying to impose austerity on the rest of the continent, but will it work? Can the European Union keep the Euro, or will the common currency collapse? Is default the only answer for European countries like Greece? Hear what the Front Page regulars think.


  1. Greece on the Verge of Insolvency? | Made in Germany The Euro is under pressure: budget deficits spinning out of control,dwindling confidence in the common currency,and a national bankruptcy...

  2. Greece’s Debt Crisis and the Future of Europe This is the VOA Special English Economics Report, from | http Finance ministers from the euro area met...

  3. Future of Europe: Euro break up. Future eurozone? Debt crisis. Future of banks, Economy speaker Future of Euro and eurozone nations. Economy speaker and keynote. Future impact on banking, banks, sovereign debt. Government...

  4. Debt Crisis – Is another banking crisis in the offing? | Made in Germany Three years after Lehmann Brothers went bankrupt, European financial institutions are under pressure again. The threat of Greek insolvency...

  5. Hungary Tough savings measures on the path to the Euro | Made in Germany The financial crisis hit Hungary hard: in the fall of 2008, the EU member country was on the verge...

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