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Ever heard of refinancing student loans through the government?

I was talking with a co-worker about my student loan debt problem. He said I could finance all my student loans through the government and that it would be better than consolidating with a private institution. I have government loans and private/plus loans.


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One Response to "Ever heard of refinancing student loans through the government?"

  1. Kristine M says:
    I would make to appointments: one with the government and one with the bank. See who makes you the better deal and then lump the government and bank loan to one agency – it will make payments easier cause they will all be on one bill.

    Make your private loan your first priority – get a second job if you must but take care of that first. Social cost is bigger than financial cost every time. Where money is concerned, don’t screw friends and family.

    Kristine Maitland

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