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Exercise and Diet’s COMPLETE ABS WORKOUT Great Complete Abs Workout courtesy of the home of ALL of your exercise and diet plan needs http Below are a few good Abs workout Exercises to go with the ones in the actual video: 1. Crunches Most already know the best way to perform this exercise. It is basic, yet highly effective. Abdominal crunches can always be performed on various areas (mats, balls, etc.). Instructions: From the supine position (with your back), contract your abdomen, then return to the actual starting position. The neck should elevate only some inches from the soil. Never crank the neck of the guitar. It should literally stop in a relatively static position over the entire movement. Crunches should be performed in the slow and controlled style. You should exhale as you contract your abs. 2. Twisting Crunches Twisting crunches are a lot like regular crunches, except the main focus is about the oblique muscles, which are located about the sides of the abdomen. Instructions: From a supine position (prone on your back using head facing up), crunch the abdomen. As you near the tip of the movement, twist your torso where you can. Focus on “crunching” each side of the abs. When done correctly, you should feel the burn inside the oblique muscles. Here are some more tips to assist you: Tip #1 Perform cardiovascular activity just before your abs workout. When the body is warmed up caused by cardiovascular activity, it allows for a much better contraction on the abs when you work them


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