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Failing in PrePaid Legal? Get Solutions… – For your free GeneWize Insider’s Report… Call my business partner, David Kelsey for more info (626) 296-3633 If you are not making any money with PrePaid Legal, you might have missed the boat. If you are looking to create a true walk-away residual income, getting in at the ground floor of a revolutionary opportunity is where you want to be. GeneWize is a brand new network marketing opportunity that launches publicly in August of 2008. Tom Wood was one of PrePaid Legal’s top earners and is now THE founding distributor in GeneWize. GeneWize is the marketing arm of a 12 year old biotech company called GeneLink. They are doing DNA testing to formulate a specific, personalized nutritional supplement for each individual’s genetic profile. GeneWize has patents pending on their discover of 12 DNA snips that have been found to be precise indicators of your genetic health. They have over 100 ingredients and 177000 different combinations of ingredients that they mix for you on command and deliver to your door. This IS THE CUTTING-EDGE of nutrition and will undoubtedly revolutionize both the nutritional AND network marketing industries. My partners and I have been invited to be founding leaders in the launch of this new company and we are looking for other leaders to work with hand in hand to bring this company to a level of success never before seen in the industry. We are providing our team members with advanced internet marketing training and education


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25 Responses to "Failing in PrePaid Legal? Get Solutions…"

  1. MLMsellsSnakeOil says:
    There is no greater admission that MLM/Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scheme and profitable only for those at the top than saying that by getting in too late you have missed the “boat”. This is also an admission that those who get in and recruit are perpetrating a fraud upon those who enter late. Is is fair to sell tickets to a flight when the plane has left the airport?
    She’s hot ill buy anything she is selling :)
  3. collideguy says:
    why can’t we get your personal # … XD
  4. BIDROLLERS says:
    Thanks to our multi million dollar dream site beatskeetskeet. Prepaid Elegal is now changing their name to bombumcious legal. Every time someone registers with our site a pop up screen appears alerting them to read our articles. Who s running now biiitches. The truth hurts about how you phuck over your associates. Rot in hell basturds and see you homos along with crymerica at the bottom.
  5. derrickjenkins says:
    @striker091086 Stop sucking on your friends dikk and do some research biiiach. We cant hate on a bad equity company that failed on nyse. Check yourself ya scabies infested jizz drinking man hoer.
  6. striker091086 says:
    @derrickjenkins You Are One Dumb Idiot m not in PPL but my friend is and he is supersuccessful and believe me he was a no one. Check yo self and dont hate you trashy hater
  7. Jkapuwai says:
    Knocking on another company is unprofessional if your product was so good you wouldn’t have needed to knock on another company.
  8. shotojojo1986 says:
    Well, When you look like you its easy to get members! You are a hottie.
  9. 317dynamite says:
    you are not gonna join no network company where you are gonna come in and start makin 100,000 a week or a month..
  10. 5eters says:
    u are hot
  11. ProLegalLeads says:
  12. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 Im sure prepaid leave-em will face another lawsuit in 2011. What are you suckers going to do once they lose in court for fraud again. Keep peddling that crap to more suspicious people. You’re the scum of this earth attacking others that expose that fraud azz company. I bet you wish you never opened up your cavity infested mouth. Go ahead and spew your cavities but this dentist won’t tolerate a lying azz nasty mouth to talk others into your pyramid scam.
  13. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 To all listeners. We’re not asking for your phucking opinions about our bidrollers website. Some will, some wont, so what just move-on. If that bs company you guys are doing business with would’ve listened to everyone around them they wouldn’t exist today even though we know that company is a rip-off. Prepaid Leave-Em associates don’t scare us. We scare them. We expose the truth about that lame duck company selling weak azz legal insurance.
  14. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 You’re right esya1987 This crack head unicorn think we’re selling legal insurance when our attorneygod website only informs people about that bs scam company. I know my words of wisdom is hurting these brain dead robots. I know this associate is pizzed. I guess he needed to blow off some hot air but chose the wrong person to snap on. Now this biach made busta is getting rolled on.
  15. esya1987 says:
    @derrickjenkins LOL and he thought we sell legal insurance.  Nope we provide free information to tell people never to use prepaid scammers. He got mad saying we were slandering the company he thinks we are slandering but I guess he will never know. If anyone is slandering anything its unx3 for slandering attorneygod not us slandering prepaid leave BTW last time I checked its not a real company.
  16. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 This brain rotting horse told me Im nasty. You and your horse family are the ones walking and dropping horse shiat everywhere. Im afraid to go on a carriage with your horse azz farting in my face. Next time I should give your biach azz a poisoned carrot. Phuck it. I should yank out your big azz horse teeth with some rusty azz walmart pliers then shove it up your horse azz and watch you shiat cavities and carrots.
  17. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 Hahaha I’m talking to a 40yr old virgin playing with phuckin lego toys. Hahaha this mutha phucka lives home with his horse family. I have some horse shoes for this crack head unicorn but im afraid his rotting brain might run us off a cliff. Give me back those walmart horse shoes you phucking hoer. You’re not worthy of wearing these plastic horse shoes from wal-mart you hee haaw biach. You can’t become an affiliate because it’s illegal for me to hire horses.
  18. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 Prepaid leave-em is pathetic using this crack-head unicorn with its mini unicorns to attack me and my business. Hahahaha if you would’ve check out how I bash brain dead losers maybe you would’ve looked the other way and avoided me. I guess you’re mad prepaid leave-em commissions slowed down now you cant afford crack for your peace-pipe. I don’t understand how your rotting brain can function in intelligent conversations.
  19. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 Yeah keep yo biach azz over there with the rest of those prepaid snakes. Continue working for a company that pleaded no contest to fraud you funion onion eating basturd. It’s obvious prepaid leave-em put you up to this suicide task. If you want a lyrical battle now you have one. Im tired of talking to these crack head unicorns. No one told you to let your kids listen to me in the first place azz hole.
  20. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 To everyone that’s listening. This mutha-phuka reminds me of jack-nut-moose-shady talking out of their azz. This moron visited my attorneygod website thinking I’m trying to sell legal insurance but in plain english my website confront that lying azz prepaid bs. Now this unicorn want to attack me. Phuck you Robot Unicorn. Phuck you. You’re just another prepaid azz-hole trying to destroy my business but it wont work.
  21. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 At least I own a business. People like you need to be professional just to kiss azz in this world. I don’t take shiat from others plain and simple. Intelligent people with a brain can easily look past my rough language and learn something about that bs company. You don’t have a brain just like prepaid leave-em associates. I never approached you to beg for money like them. Yes throw your money away douche bag and keep your pathetic comments to yourself.
  22. derrickjenkins says:
    @unx3 I guess you’re another prepaid biach trying to attack me but I don’t give a flying phuck about you dissing my business. I’m honest and straight to the point while puzzies like you try to choke free speech. Go phuck yourself.
  23. unx3 says:
    @derrickjenkins Yeah, I checked it out. It sucks.
  24. unx3 says:
    @derrickjenkins I have been looking at both Pre-Paid Legal Services and then your website to decide which one I wanted to go with after my wife has been hounding me. After looking at both I found your website to be unprofessional, slanderous, cuss words that I could not even have my kids see, and not something I would trust when it came to legal issues. Sorry guy, but I have to go with PPL. They did not badmouth anyone and they don’t cuss. Totally professional. You are just nasty.
  25. divabikinis says:
    A 2nd incriminating class-action lawsuit was filed against FHTM this past week in a California court on 12/22/10. Seems like the perfect Christmas present for their legal team who can now bill for more millions in fees.

    The entire lawsuit may be read at fhtmclassaction dot info

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