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Far right Jobbik burns EU flag at rally

Opposition far-right extremist Jobbik party demands exit from European Union. (14.1.2012, Budapest) Two MPs of Jobbik, the second biggest opposition party in Hungarian parliament, set an European Union flag on fire at the protest in front of the European Commission offices in Budapest. Thousands protested against the EU on Saturday at a rally of the far-right Jobbik party, calling for Hungary’s exit from the bloc and adding pressure on the government which is seeking a funding deal with the EU and IMF to avert insolvency. ‘This week the EU declared war on Hungary in a very harsh and open way,’ Csanad Szegedi, a Jobbik member of European Parliament told the crowd of around 2000 demonstrators.


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12 Responses to "Far right Jobbik burns EU flag at rally"

  1. tver111 says:
    better to be poor than EU citizen. And live in 4th reich.
  2. MrCommunion says:
    Pare che la rivoluzione sia iniziata! che dire! Long live Hungary! greetings from Italy!

    Please note that YouTube no make respond to comments of other people only in this video…

  3. Dagren1946 says:
    Hail Hungary! Death to EU! Greetings from Italy!
  4. MrHewswed says:
    You guys know nothing about history, and much less about Hungary…IMF didnt gave Hungary support: they lend money only, which should be replayed 5x times They are practicing usory. Fuck them, disgusting…
  5. veduuci says:
    @xerxen100 Well,Hungary is led by chauvinistic autocrat Orban.Just look at the new constitution,the last country to abandon the statute of republic was Hitler’s Germany or Franco’s Spain.Orban using chauvinism to gain more votes and its work.And about the new loan from IMF,will you borrow your money to someone who is don’t want to pay old debts and change agreed terms ? Will you borrow to country that threatens freedom of speech, free theaters, free media and has backward far-right constitution?
  6. xerxen100 says:
    Hungary now need money, and IMF not good:P you are mistake.
  7. KleineJaapie says:
    What these guys do is for their own good, so I support them. If only the Netherlands did the same…
  8. JRemingtonKirby says:
    Hail Hungary! Hail; True Europe!
  9. kolmisi says:
    nazi monsters
  10. durrrrhurrrrrr says:
    fuck the eu
  11. ThePribina says:
    EU and IMF were good when hungary needed the money support , but now when magyars must pay the debt , burn theyr flag !
  12. Hillsillverr says:
    Eljen a magyar!

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