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Fast Credit Clean-UP – You raise Your FICO to 700 Today-3 of 7 If anyone tells you that they can clean up your credit within 30, 60 days, they are ripping you off. Most of these companies and people are charging $5000 and I have seen as high as $10000. I was the first person with “Bob” at Credit Rights Foundation, that learned his whole system. In fact, Bob was the man who started credit clean up over 80 years ago. Most of these so called credit clean up people only have 1/10th of how Clean up credit the right way. Never let anyone pull your credit. Why? Because it will lower your FICO Score! There are people and brokers claiming this will not happen but this is not true. I know better because I am a loan officer. I am approved both state and federal to do these loans. I also know for a fact through Fannie Mae that having others pull your credit will lower your FICO Score. Plug your ears when others tell you that it will not hurt you!

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