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FDIC Insolvent!?!

How on earth is this not the biggest story in the news today? Hurricane Ike pales in comparison to the failure of the guarantor of the US (and world) banking system. WSJ article: Music: Militaire Electronic : Kevin MacLoed (extro)


  1. Are we slowly learning the REAL reason the banks got bailed out?? (FDIC insolvency)? FDIC is going to BORROW money in order to insure accounts. Well if the people that INSURE THE BANK ACCOUNTS...

  2. What caused insolvent banks, what does all this mean? Im doing a report on many economic problems, and im kind of leading to the point how, people failed to...

  3. can the FDIC go broke in 2011 ? Bob Chapman talks to Melody Cedarstrom about the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Bank of America bankruptcy recorded...

  4. The FDIC needs a bailout from the Banks!? The banks aren’t the only ones looking at insolvency. link to article: ...

  5. Is my business insolvent – Do you owe the Crown money In the height of this recession many businesses are going to the wall. The key to understanding whether or not...

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20 Responses to "FDIC Insolvent!?!"

  1. bass109 says:
    Jesus is king of kings and lord of lords
  2. kensho3 says:
    2nd quarter fdic statement comin’ tomorrow…! That’s All, Folks!
  3. jc7622 says:
    I was under the impression that they only had enough to cover 7% of the insured amounts. In years past this would have been more than enough. Now…the same rules don’t apply. I don’t dbout anything could happen any more. The rules have changed. I suppose they could borrow money from the Fed or whoever if they had to, but isn’t that just increasing the money supply even more???
  4. rapidrex says:
    I wonder when the run on the banks will begin in earnest?
    Make certain to buy some gold in small denominations…broken down small. You should have about 20 percent of your total assets in gold and or silver.
  5. fishysims says:
    Personally though I trust the banks more than I trust myself. I actually feel safer not having cash on me because if for some reason I loose my wallet I dont loose all my money with it.
  6. fishysims says:
    Ouch guess I should get all my money in cash so that I will have it when I need it.
  7. flubno says:
    The banksters are a bunch of Jive Turkeys. Get your money out or else they might steal it from you one day. Who cares about there one percent interest rate anyway.
  8. magic038 says:
    “A house of cards!!” ;-)
  9. wogsland says:
    Fractional Reserve banking is the real root of the problem though…
  10. proffmongo says:
    It’s a Wonderful Life but without Jimmy Stewart!!!!
  11. luvdabun says:
    so my pennies that I have been saving are safe as long as I keep them in the piggy bank, not the real one?
    bunnies rule!
  12. boobtubious says:
    The whole system needs to be overhauled, and the government needs to keep their hands out of it in my opinion.
  13. 420smokeymcpot says:
    i wonder if you predicted this in your video saying they are going to give too much money out

    oh yeah, you did

  14. wogsland says:
    Oh no, I had forgotten to put it there and you reminded me. Thanx!
  15. mcurren2004 says:
    No pattern, of course?!
  16. daicopoulos says:
    The tip of the iceberg my friend. We will recover again over the next 12 – 18 months; but when everyone gets complacent again…I am fearful of how bad it will get.

    No immunity over here in Australia, though many think we are, but the housing crisis is nasty.

  17. sonicflyingmachine says:
    Thanks and sorry. I thought I looked there.
  18. wogsland says:
    Done. (See WSJ article in sidebar)
  19. sonicflyingmachine says:
    Interesting. Can you give me a link to this article or something to substantiate what you’re claiming?
  20. huntersmith22 says:
    cool video man!

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