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FDIC issues Warning

This concerns your checking accounts. Nothing will happen immediately, but the assurances are now longer off the table… Story came via RawStory, original was by APF, Agency France Presse. Here is the link to the article:

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25 Responses to "FDIC issues Warning"

  1. Largo64 says:
    Just last Sunday on 60 Minutes the FDIC assured the American people that their deposits were secure. The director did say that new assessments would have to be made on member banks, but she said confidently that we shouldn’t worry. My Social Security payment is deposited directly into my checking account. If the bank goes under and FDIC tanks I’m screwed.
  2. KamikazeKoscki says:
    The debt bomb is in place, out sourcing our jobs, not paying people their disability payments, double taxation is in place, Strength in Numbers we need to protest and sign petitions and keep exposing the evilness, it’s going to get real bad. people are shooting the repocess men who are repocessing cars, I hear more sirens at night, it’s going to get real horrible.
  3. Coachman38 says:
    Hello Ella, long time no post, listen this FDIC is just a sham to give one a false sense of security, when the banks go down, and they will, or when the Gov’t starts a national Banking system, we will end up with nothing, one needs to have about 10,000$ in cash assets on hand. sounds like a lot, but it is dou-able, glad to see you are still on line, never give up.
  4. ResearchX says:
    You are one cool lady. You are smart and tell the truth. You remind me of Bonnie Hunt. You Rock.
  5. Z200a says:
    You are correct: My respones to your video were just a tad exagerated (overblow? hysterical? maybe those, too). I rewatched your video the next day and it wasn’t nearly as “alarmist” as I thought it was. The “alarmism,” I’m a little embarrassed to say, was my own: I was fearful that your video would help to spart panic, despite your rather level-headed tones.

    I have guests over this weekend and they are starting to wake, so I will have to delay responding to your other points. Cheers.

  6. Estevez123321 says:
    Read the fine print on the FDIC……”they can take up to 100 years to pay depositors back”. If you can wait that long, then don’t worry!
  7. rollsthepaul says:
    SSDD(Same Shit Different Day)
    Is Obama really, really stupid or is he trying to disembowel the nation???
    Web Bots are still warning us about severe upheaval and a worldwide coastal event by July this year and much worse deterioration by November,again this year.The brown stuff approaching the fan is not icecream. If you think any of this will be manageable,think again.Empty your bank account now,if you want your money.Don’t panic but get your money out, liquidate stocks and any other assets.
  8. eighteenin78 says:
    You are quite right about neighbourhoods working as micro-economic units. That may be the only unit that hangs together. My rich neighbours are farmers, and my poor ones camp in the woods so they know a thing about basic survival. In any event I am prepared to help when needed.
  9. FeelFreeToArgue says:
    “This doesn’t look so good.” Exercising our gift for understatement this evening, are we?

    It is things like this that let me know that we’re nowhere near the bottom yet. People have expectations based on promises the system has been making them. When the system starts defaulting on core promises like this one, people will start to understand what’s what. Unfortunate that this is what it takes, but that seems to be the case.

  10. Weaseldog2001 says:
    That is only happening in California right now.

    So far, I’m not seeing this in Texas.

    If you’re a Thanksgiving Turkey in October, you’ll expect Thanksgiving day to be just like any other.

  11. Weaseldog2001 says:
    The worst that could happen is that the people who ruined Argentina and are also ruining the USA (Same men, same script), will freeze accounts, sieze pensions and other retirment funds, and bankrupt the country.

    They did it in Argentina, now they are following the same script in the USA. Same men, same plan.

  12. Weaseldog2001 says:
    In Argentina, the gov tried to bail out the banks in order to free up credit and spur the economy.

    It didn’t work. Those that left their money in the banks, lost most of it. The banks folded, or simply froze the accounts.

    Now that was Argentina with Citigroup and Bank of America. Perhaps the people who run those banks have a different plan in the USA?

  13. carefulcarpenter says:
    Sociopathy: lack of empathy. Many people could be described as sociopathic in this ”Culture of Narcissism”. When people don’t care about the welfare of those around them, when they lack empathy and compassion for their fellow wo/man, they surely fall into the habits of a sociopath.

    Read, “The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout. A fair description of the “have” than doesn’t care about the “have nots”.

  14. carefulcarpenter says:
    You may be fending off those who have very little. Neighbors will need your help and sound advice. Those who “have” will be compelled to aid those in despair. No one will be exempt from the crisis; no amount of stored food and supplies will save an individual from the consequences of collective “apathy” and lack of regard. We will either hang together or hang separately. The world is so interconnected that if America fails so does the world. WE will define compassion.
  15. eighteenin78 says:
    I have my classical music CDs to keep me going, a leaky roof over my head (paid for) land, stored food, and a spare tire around my waste that I could do without, And this Economic Depression I have been expecting for over 12 years now… so it is a matter of watching and waiting for me.
  16. carefulcarpenter says:
    Think “Gilligan’s Island”. Practical survival skills and common sense under pressure will prevail. Experienced campers and cool heads will rule. Resourcefulness will be more important than resources, for in truly difficult times the less one has the less burden on the psyche. This depression will manifest in the hearts and minds long before food and gas runs out.
  17. thesludgereport2 says:
    Well now, we can’t have the government bailing out ordinary people, can we? Maybe there will be a run on banks by people that want to get their worthless dollars so they can hide them under the mattress. Yahoo !!!!!!!
  18. nikkiepping says:
    Should check out FEMA CAMPS here in the USA…looks like allot of stuff happening right under our eyes. Look into it…might open your eyes to see where we are heading.
  19. Lizi99 says:
    Investing in gold in not an option either as the government owns it all. The government reserves the right to confiscate any bought gold in the event that they need it. Brokers say, this is no big deal, it has always been this way. Maybe the old timers are right and we begin burying our money in the backyard again.
  20. Z200a says:
    There are a lot of people who are actively hoping all hell breaks loose and that the bottom falls out. So these people don’t care if a run on the banks causes a meltdown of epic proportions.

    But those people are sociopaths.

  21. Z200a says:
    Furthermore, if you read the actual artile Ella was talking about, it’s clear that she’s overstating the problem and mischaracterizing the danger. Read the article for yourself. It’s not as bad as Ella makes it sound.
  22. Z200a says:
    The point is that Ella may think she’s helping people by creating a panic about the condition of the banks, and (whether it was her intent or not) encouraging them to take their money out.

    But a run on the banks will only work for the very who get to the bank first, and it will make matters much worse for everyone else.

    Bottom line: Running on the banks is a way to make the disaster BIGGER. You’re not doing anyone a favor by advocating a course that leads to catastrophe.

  23. UnderseaCaveman says:
    seems like our banking system is like the “Titanic” and only a fractional number of lifeboats are available. If six panic, they can only take six lifeboats…if that’s all the lifeboats for 1000 passengers, that’s like the Titanic (the unsinkable FEDRESERVE).
  24. eighteenin78 says:
    Survival equipment should now include water tight jars, a shovel, a bit of earth and a backyard.
  25. RecceMan90 says:
    very true!

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