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Federal student loan consolidation scam?

Alright, so this is my 4th question on the same topic and I hope that this time I will get a legit response. That means no advertisements of any sort. This question is basically a yes or no question.

So here’s the question:

Does student loan consolidation requires 2 references? That means if someone wants to consolidate his/her student loan, are the consolidators going to ask for 2 references?

The reason I asked is because one of my friends is asking me as his referencer for his loan consolidation and I am hesitate to do so because from what I know is that only entrance counseling have it.


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One Response to "Federal student loan consolidation scam?"

  1. JDoramaKing says:
    i consolidated my loans within the last year with federal loans…i never had to do any references. I already had a loan with the gov’t, went back to school and got more loans, and then consolidated.

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