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Feds Search Bankrupt California Solar Firm

FBI agents executed search warrants on Thursday at the headquarters of California solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, which received more than $500 million in federal loan guarantees before filing for bankruptcy last week. (Sept. 8)

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24 Responses to "Feds Search Bankrupt California Solar Firm"

  1. JuifVivant says:
    LOOK AT THE DATE – OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Here’s the deal — Solyndra is going to announce they are laying off 200 of their 1200 workers. No es bueno.”
    —Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Heather Zichal, e-mail dated 27 October 2010
  2. MrChrisowen1 says:
    Another Obama Project Good Job Wasting Our Money!!! Vote Ron Paul!!!
  3. JoyHardyaJillFryeb says:
    I have subscribed and Im checking out your other videos..
  4. LizaGuycPatBestz says:
    mind if i post this on my blog?
  5. chadberry75 says:
    i guess,,, there moving 2 mexico or vietnam…this is just a cover-up.
  6. YosupMofo says:
    @AssHatSockPuppet All we need to do, according to Obama, is to JUST PASS THE JOBS BILL. Don’t read it, sign it!!! This is Obama’s Enron Ponzie Scheme for Crony Capitalism.

    Solar energy BULL****!

  7. AssHatSockPuppet says:
    We are out a half trillion to an OweBama contributor scam & 1,000 people lost their job.

    Now the taxpayers need to cough up another half trillion for some more crony stimulus spending

    OweBama (SCoaMF) issued the following statement:
    “Sucks To Be You Taxpayers!”

  8. Plexss says:
    Wasted 500 million dollars. You wonder why America is going under.
  9. gli96187 says:
    It’s called they took the money and ran. No Investigation needed.
  10. TheImpeacher says:
    Obamas kick back money boys, gettin real Obama smelly around here.
  11. godsfool713 says:
    NIKOLA TESLA~is the direct lineage thru MARY’s Holy Family (Joseph’s lineage), also King Solomon.
    His impact is predicted in the Bible, discovery for Electricity is in Zech.14:7 & his HAARP tech is in Rev. 13:13 & Zech.14:17+18
    He is behind the awsome & sudden change in these last 135 yrs. in the world, the Inventor Extraordinary+par excellence thus the Creator of our MODERN WORLD
  12. 47unknown15 says:
    500,000,000 dollars whr tha FUCK IT GO
  13. Stinkpoppa says:
  14. xlioilx says:
    Obviously they took the damn tax money and gave it to some dip shit CEO who blew it on rent-boy hookers and copious amounts of cocaine.
  15. Dimeji1990 says:
    How can you expect them to perform very well when you practically allow China to import its whole produce here to sell without regulations. Good luck Obama. So much for the future of the country. He only sees what he could get from the company, he didn’t ask problems they could face. he’ll take blame of course, no more stimulus.
  16. sidewaysntraffic says:
    Hmm what happen to global warming and the “go green” band wagon? Take the money and run? Funny how the middle class gets fucked, yet Obamah is trying to eliminate it..
  17. goingfor11 says:
    @TheOkham That would be like investigating themselves! You know that will never happen. The govt works for and is made up of mostly banksters and former banksters! Besides, congress has got way to many other imprtant things to do, like raid gibson guitar, organic dairy farms, Amish communities, lemonade stands, garage sales, and roadside fruit stands!! LMAO
  18. TheOkham says:
    I am glad they are investigating that 0.5 billion
    I wish they have raided AIG (180Billion +) Goldman Sachs (tens of billions) and others in 2008…
  19. GodKillerAtheist says:
    Sounds like they took the money and ran
  20. theguyisinthailand says:
    -the FBI have sent their Accountants in to look at the books.
    -the FBI Accountants are in their COMBAT UNIFORMS to crawl around the files.
    -the FBI Accountants maybe are afraid that they will have to get physical with the Executives of Solyndra?
    What has happened to the professionalism that agents are supposed to have?
    How can a “solar panel” company in the US compete with the cheap labor of CHINA…they were doomed to fail!
    Maybe the Democrats got a huge political donation from Solyndra???
  21. slovokia says:
    This looks like a kabuki play kind of move to deflect public attention away from incompetent government decision makers and instead frame the problem as one of wrong doing by private industry. I hope they have good lawyers.
  22. capucchan8 says:
    lol stimulus at work, what a croc
  23. ChristopherJManess says:
    I don’t like shady operations. If you’re going to openly enter the building, openly discuss the reason.
  24. jaowseph says:
    Gas powered Solar Panels.

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