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Financial Defender DVD Quick Preview

How to take control of your creditors Find out who is liable for your businesses debts What to do if your receive a county court summons Simple steps to take to stop a court summons How installments orders could help your cash crisis Legal terms and their meanings explained! Steps to take before consulting a solicitor Find out the difference between a court summons and a statutory demand The first steps to take when dealing with statutory demands How to avoid bankruptcy Find out how is personally responsible for your business finances When and when not to consider insolvency What to do when you receive a judgement The truth behind bankruptcy and how it could affect your personal financial situation Insolvency explained! Measures to take to prevent a financial crisis


  1. Bankruptcy is the solution for Financial Problems Most of the people think that bankruptcy is simply the process people go through to get rid of paying their...

  2. What are the events that led to the current state of the financial market? Over the last several months the world financial system has been in a state of great turmoil. Dozens of banks-including...

  3. Riding Out the Financial Storm (Trailer) “This is a trailer for the educational film “Riding Out the Financial Storm.” This trailer covers both parts of...

  4. Riding Out the Financial Storm (Infomercial – 14 Minutes) This is a infomercial (long trailer) for the educational film “Riding Out the Financial Storm.” This trailer covers both...

  5. Business Recovery and Insolvency — undertakers or financial doctors? Due to the recent global economic downturn, Business Recovery and Insolvency (otherwise known as BRI) has experienced an accelerated...

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