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Find Foreclosure Help in Unlikely Places

It does pay to go online and read the daily paper.

While some people regard chatting as a total waste of time, a few find solutions to their problems by going online. Take what happened to a Dallas guy in danger of foreclosure as an example. His plea in a local chat room was heard by another regular chatter, who turns out to be a foreclosure expert.

The amazing story, via an article in, narrates how the foreclosure expert heard the other guy’s plea online: he’s behind on his mortgage payments and received a notice of foreclosure from a certain law office. The expert knew immediately that there’s trouble brewing. He arranged a meeting with the distressed homeowner, and after weighing the possibilities, they decided that filing for bankruptcy was the best option.
However, filing for bankruptcy requires a fee: $500, which was something the homeowner didn’t have. What came next was a feat never before heard from people who regularly meet in chat rooms. They arranged a fundraiser event where more than 50 chat room regulars attended. They were able to raise $700 that day, more than enough to pay for the filing fee. Eventually, they were able to stop the foreclosure.


In Colorado, a couple way behind on their mortgage payments was slowly giving up hope for saving their home. But as a final effort to avoid foreclosure, they agreed to pay their lender $3,035. The next day however, they got a foreclosure notice from another lender. They were devastated about the horrible news. Their hard-earned money was gone and now another lender was taking a crack at their home. The husband, who once read about two lawyers helping a woman with a similar case of foreclosure in a newspaper, was able to take down the lawyers’ number. He picked up the telephone, decided to call the lawyers, and arranged a meeting.

Fortunately, the lawyers were able to help them by the Rule 120 hearing that allows homeowners to get court proceedings and argue their case. The judge eventually ruled the case in favor of the couple. It was a good thing that the husband took note of the article and acted promptly.

These stories are not the kind you get to hear every day. And it’s one way of instilling hope for others who are in the same foreclosure predicament that help is always around – even in unlikely places.  

Housing Assistance Network > – is a site that aims to help those who are in the low to moderate income brackets find financial assistance for housing, help in acquiring a new home, or grant programs from both state and non-government institutions.

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