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Florida Couple Forecloses on Bank of America

NAPLES — When Bank of America tried to foreclose on Warren and Maureen Nyerges’ fully-paid, Golden Gate Estates home last year, it was a mistake. When the couple’s attorney arrived at a Bank of America branch Friday morning with deputies, a moving company and a court writ permitting him to seize furniture and cash to recoup fees in the case, it was a last alternative. “This could have all been settled for nothing a while ago, but it got completely blown out of proportion,” Warren Nyerges, 46, said on Thursday. In a scene that turns Southwest Florida’s foreclosure crisis on its head, Collier Sheriff’s deputies delivered the writ to a Davis Boulevard branch of the bank on Friday morning, presenting the bank manager with two options — he could either pay the $2500 in attorneys fees the Nyergeses were awarded in December, or the movers would begin taking furniture and cash. An hour later, as reporters and movers waited outside, the bank agreed to cut a check. “I don’t know any other way we could’ve done this,” Nyerges attorney Todd Allen said. The Daily News reported on Bank of America’s mistaken foreclosure attempt in 2010, as Warren Nyerges fought the case in court without an attorney. The couple, who moved to Naples from Ohio, bought the single-story, 2700-square-foot home from Bank of America with cash in 2009. A mortgage was never executed in the purchase, either with Bank of America or any other lender. After he received the foreclosure complaint in 2010, Warren Nyerges


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25 Responses to "Florida Couple Forecloses on Bank of America"

  1. revmortcompared says:
    I absolutely love hearing stories like this, it really warms my heart.
  2. zuniga6412 says:
  3. dmgarble says:
    Ahahahahahahahahahah….. Ahhahahahahahahahahah……. Ahahahahahahahah!
  4. LANDSHARK7130 says:
    @MrOdlazi not the money. its the principle
  5. LANDSHARK7130 says:
  6. kami243n says:
    lol i hear they r keeping some from withdrawing thier cash now .. assholes
  7. fuckobama4 says:
    I love it
  8. AwwCrap66 says:
    5 dislikes? boa fans?
  9. lmdw says:
    I’m sorry I’m 65+ and wear hearing aids, and I couldn’t hear one word they were saying. I watched the entire thing but the audio is so bad. Whats wrong with the audio?  Geez, need to be fixed.
  10. tranceemerson says:
    This is AWESOME!
  11. MrOdlazi says:
    If it were the reverse, they are going to ruin your credit, so you will have trouble even renting an apartment. That’s right, they have access to the national computerized blacklist and the right to control it. Could this guy report the Bank to a credit agency to have them blacklisted? Nope. One of the great sources of corporate power. You don’t like socialism, but having a handful of giant corporations with total control over you is ok, just as long as they are not called “government”?
  12. MrOdlazi says:
    It’s a good story…but it’s also rather sad. Because this guy had to spend several doubtlessly stressful months fighting the Bank’s totally illegal actions. Then he had to fight in court for this pathetically small compensation. And finally he had to go to all lengths to finally get what was legally owed him. And the fact that he won is a national miracle. The bank, on the other hand, never broke a sweat – what they finally were forced to concede was pocket change for them.
  13. BombShellInfo says:
    @dundee520 - Your’e welcome.
  14. dundee520 says:
    this made my day — cheers 4 the post
  15. dauern says:
    @tonkacaptain but it keeps the world going
  16. ThirdProverb says:
    @dafedge2007 maybe they work for BOA
  17. Zooni2 says:
    Funny how the banks don’t honers court claims.
  18. Zooni2 says:
    American Heroes.
  19. dafedge2007 says:
    The one thing I don’t get about this story is why anyone would give it the thumbs down…
  20. 20lauretta says:
    by the way, the goverment didn’t bail them out we did. They gave them our dollars. That in and of itself says they owe us not the other way around.
  21. 20lauretta says:
    by the way, the goverment didn’t bail them out we did. They gave them our dollars.
  22. TheKiddy3 says:
    This is so awesome.
  23. AtticWarrior1994 says:
  24. HowlingWolf518 says:
    Damn, I love the smell of justice in the morning.
  25. BombShellInfo says:
    @suthnbikerman47 – yeah I’m down grading B of A’s A+ rating. And from this point forward we should all charge them a higher interest rate for holding our dollars. Do them like they do us and raise the rate to the national credit card interest average of 19.9%

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