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Forclosure and student loans?

My ex-wife had her home foreclosed without refinancing my name off of it. This has obviously affected my credit score. Will I be able to get a student loan with this blemish on my credit report. Lay-offs at work may force me out a job, so there is no time like now to look into switching careers and going back to school.

I should add, that I have excellent credit except for this. I also have court paperwork that shows the lawsuit involved against my ex wife. She defalted on a house that I had no legal right to. It is also noted as such in my credit reports.


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3 Responses to "Forclosure and student loans?"

  1. PooPooLaTrash says:
    You might as well apply…the worst that can happen is they will say no or require a co-signer. However, you should be aware that a career change with a blemished credit report isn’t wise. Employers pull credit reports as part of pre-employment screenings and if your score is low, it’s likely you won’t be hired except for a minimum wage job.


    It really won’t matter that there is a notation on your credit report. Unless you took the necessary steps to have yourself removed from the mortgage, that debt is yours in addition to hers and will be reported as such. It will make no difference in the hit on your credit score. I’m very sorry.

  2. My Take on It says:
    Most likely, this will affect your ability to get student loans
    You should have either sold the house or required her to refi to get your name off that house.
  3. Leah B says:
    I didn’t have a problem at all, I had a foreclosure and two bankruptcies on my credit report when I started school. I would start applying now.

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