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Foreclosed home owners out for revenge

There are 478 homes in Spokane that are involved in the foreclosure process. While that’s lower than the national average, the condition former owners are leaving these homes is anything but average. KXLY4′s McKay Allen reports.


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25 Responses to "Foreclosed home owners out for revenge"

  1. baconified says:
    Want to end the reign of the private bankers system of control?????????

    All you have to do is withdraw your SUPPORT.


    If 1% of the people closed their accounts.

    100% of the banks will fail.

    And in the ashes lies the promise of sound money.

    Not a gold standard where the amount of gold limits the supply of money.

    But a system of public credit with gold settlement instead of massive balance deficits compounding yearly.

    Now is the TIME for CHANGE.

  2. Halloween666Freak says:
    maybe that guy in the suit should get his house forclosed, make his sorry ass homeless, ive been homeless already and it sucks
  3. thisismyname1920 says:
    Everything in this world boils down to greed.
    Its a shame, people will have families thrown out onto the streets just for money.
    Shame on you, Humanity.
  4. troybrownrigg says:
    @headless6string The Banks have cost millions their jobs, playing the housing games they did. Ever thought how many companies the helped move out of the country. They should have paid you at least $10,000 to leave the house in good shape!
  5. troybrownrigg says:
    You should have paid them $10,000 to leave the home in good shape! The banks created the mess and are starting to receive what they deserve. What a bunch of lies that home is your to remodel any way you chose. I foreclosed serval years ago on a project and that is what a judge told me. They can do whatever they want to it and you can only sue for the interest and late penaties owed. The banks ruined the entire world economy playing the CDO and MBS game. I don’t feel sorry for them at all!
  6. GHDC175 says:
  7. He101A says:
  8. circusboy90210 says:
    @pineapple1969 can’t really prove it was not squatters.
  9. YouJustFoundTheTruth says:
    lol Sure The Banks Can try And Come After All you Have to Claim is remodeling Of The House and No You can not be arrested Idot And Another Thing Let The Banks Sue And Once They Get a Judgement File Bankruptcy On Those Bastards
  10. ERF420 says:
    What the hell is wrong with you people? You live in a house that you cannot afford and then when you get kicked out you get all pissed.
  11. pttugasuk says:
    @daewooparts You Can Stop Foreclosure Today CALL US TODAY 877-291-4645
    Personal loan Alterations Rapidly suits persons behind on their particular mortgage using service providers who can assist all of them retain their particular residence by simply enhancing their particular current personal loan. There are various foreclosed reduction gives out there, even so were the first choice from the space as well as we offer you the very best payment to the least amount sort.
  12. ShutterbugW says:
    hmm they should have done more i don’t feel a bit bad for the banking company
  13. headless6string says:
    well, two more months have passed, basement still full of water, grass at least four feet high………..five total months…bank still has not been there….basement full of water has ruined a home they could have found a way to let me keep……………hope everyone knows our goverment is paying for these banks greedyness….all the while the banks ceo’s sit in there fuckin ivory towers and say “no” to hard working american citizens who have lost thier jobs.
  14. kenfo0 says:
    ah, who cares if your neighbors’ life savings, biggest investment and home is being taken? he was probably a lazy scumbag anyway, regardless of the fact he must have had a good work and credit history. who does he think he is, ruining your night of stuffing cheetohs into your already fat face while watching “queer guy eyes” or some such? The NERVE of some people!
  15. Taxminia0311 says:
    Screw the bank right back, lucky for my family and I we didn’t purchase any home during the fall down of the economy, now once my wife and I are done with our nursing program we will be able to purchase our house with cash no bank at all.
  16. glennster66 says:
    @headless6string same thing with my moms house we left the house in good condition . the bankers let the house freeze water damage walls fell down mold ever where ect…….. yea they care . i couldnt have trashed the place that bad with out a bulldozer………
  17. glennster66 says:
    @headless6string same thing with my moms house we left the house in good condition . the bankers let the house freeze water damage walls fell down mold ever where ect…….. yea they care
  18. backupstuff says:
    August 2011,Every where empty homes there is hundreds so why don’t they sell them…Property values in order to keep prices up
  19. tf08js2 says:
    @Not their fault the banks tricked them with shady deals that caused a total collapse of the world economy
  20. raspberrybaggio says:
    Serves the greedy, filthy banking scum right.
  21. lamiac2411 says:
    The police or the banks CAN’T DO SHIT!! They cannot prove that you caused that damage recently. Nor can they prove the damage was intentional. Missing mirrors, copper wire, or plumbing?? TAKE THAT SHIT!! Who knows. You may have been “upgrading” or replacing things during the time you were in good standing? LOL. It’s a scare tactic!!
  22. lamiac2411 says:
  23. peterlol21 says:
    thums up if you think the mortgage companies deserve every last bit of damage to the houses just becuase they ripped your dreams right out from under you
  24. visigoth2020 says:
    make a srine to some gods put 10 or 20 candles go out for the day come back to a burning house police and fire fighters will never think you did it on purpose and you can always say you light up that many candles cause you was asking the gods for money to pay the mortgage …..that is how you pay the bank back
  25. tonytonytee says:
    pieces of shit should not been approved for a loan in the first place.. shitbag irresponsible little bitches..

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