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Foreclosure Auction Guide

In less than ten minutes, learn the basics of how a trustee sale foreclosure auction works. •How to find the actual location of the auction •The three possible outcomes: postponement, cancellation, or sale •Things to watch out for, such as -Multiple auctioneers, possibly operating simultaneously -How to make sure you bid on the property youre interested in -The implications of a sale as-is •Qualifying as a bidder •A typical bidding scenario •What happens when you win


  1. Can a homeowner sale the house in foreclosure, a day before the bank takes it to auction? If the house is in foreclosure, can the owner try to sale it a DAY before the banks final foreclosure...

  2. California Property Foreclosure Process The foreclosure process in California – Notice of default To start the California property foreclosure procedure, the lender is needed...

  3. What are squatters rights in CA after a foreclosure auction? Looking for some help in staying put as long as possible after a foreclosure auction on my residence. What are...

  4. House Foreclosure Auction in Denton County Expected to Rise House foreclosure auction in Denton County in Texas has slowed down according to a residential foreclosure listing analysis of a...

  5. Anti-Auction and Foreclosure Rally The interest of our investment paid our mortage was cut off March 4th of 2009. In short, we are...

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  1. FinancialBailoutPlan says:
    nice subliminal message at 4:57
  2. ifundit says:
    Great Video to show how it works at the steps. Most people will not teach you what goes on down there. There is also some good info on funding at his blog.
  3. teambalch says:
    Watch this basic ways to buy auction homes…beware, there’s more to it than going up to court house step…lots of research will help! Need help?
  4. arizonainvestment100 says:
    Great video. In order to get in the game, google search “Arizona Investment Link” where we offer a ‘seamless’ way of wrangling this business. From start to finish. Enjoy!
  5. mySDrealty says:
    thats my man Larry!

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