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Foreclosure Auctions? Where are they Held? How do I find them?

Please help! I am looking to buy a foreclosure condo, I can find them, but how do I find out where and when they will be Auctioned off? Thanks so much!


  1. How do I learn about foreclosure auctions in my ares and the specification of what is being offered?? As I understand it, there are plenty of homes going into foreclosure right now. I just don’t know how to...

  2. How can I find out if a house is undergoing foreclosure? I’m suspicious that our house is undergoing foreclosure, but I can’t prove it. I live in the state of California,...

  3. Does anyone know where I can find a free home foreclosure listing in my area? I live in Illinois about 25 miles outside of Chicago, and I haven’t been able to find any free foreclosure...

  4. I Don’t Want To Lose My Home! Where Can I Find Foreclosure Help? When you first purchase your home it is not with the intention that within the first few years it won’t...

  5. What happens after a hoa files foreclosure on the courthouse steps? Our condo has 12 units one in foreclosure and 2 have liens, and 4 others in collections. Hope we stay...

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  1. imadriana says:
    Here’s a good start:

    There are several more that you can find looking under government sites. Look for sites that end with .gov. I’ve just listed one of the best

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