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Foreclosure Defense: Shuster & Saben Opens Second Dade Office in Doral

Attorney Thomas Willis or the law firm Shuster & Saben, LLC announces the opening of the firm’s fourth office in Doral, Florida. This office was opened to assist homeowners in West Dade defend their homes from foreclosure.


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One Response to "Foreclosure Defense: Shuster & Saben Opens Second Dade Office in Doral"

  1. quick1kungfu says:
    Our “servicer” offered up a loan mod – not executed, conditional with a release of liability clause that pretty much said it all.

    *we’d never be able to find any fault with them or´╗┐ their successors and/or assigns… yeah right.

    thanks but no thanks!

    you said; “banks don’t always tell the truth” – SPOT ON!!!

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