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Foreclosure Deposition Clip

mortgage fraud, fradulent documents


  1. What would a good book/website be to go to look at the foreclosure process from the lendor side? In Florida.? I just got a job doing some processing at a foreclosure law firm in Florida. We work with the banks,...

  2. Foreclosure Attorney Fake Signatures Priorities Misconstrued Individuals may possibly contemplate saving their houses based on such documents but this would only be a temporary...

  3. MERS Mortgage Fraud Update – Foreclosure Proof MERS Loans! You are Foreclosure Proof If you have a MERS Mortgage Electronic Registration Services Loan! It is FRAUD! MERS Update...

  4. Oppenheim Law Workshop – Toxic Foreclosure and Foreclosure Fraud – Part 6 If you think of Humpty Dumpty as the Mortgage and Note, and you break it apart (as what...

  5. Miami Florida Attorney – Lawyer Dania Fernandez – – Foreclosure Video7 Real Estate Law real estate lawyerFlorida Real Estate, Foreclosure Defense & Family Law Attorney Dania S. Fernandez, attorney...

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