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FORECLOSURE FRAUD MERS, LPS …BOGUS ASSIGNMENTS…Are you KIDDING ME DOCX??? I thought I have seen it All but …BOGUS Assignments of Mortgage?? Judges are signing these judgments off!!! SOURCE: We are only scratching the surface!


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  1. rewire69 says:
    Particeps Criminis: States one participant in an unlawful activity cannot recover in a civil action against another participant in the activity. (Black’s Law Dictionary (7th ed.)) It also creates an all or nothing dilemma for the courts. Either enforce the law and equity, or else allow and encourage the fraud to continue. The fact remains that these merely apparent mortgages are objectively fraudulent on their face, they are void and unenforceable on that basis.
  2. 2237lemon says:
    looks like the idiot DOCX clerk who printed that out used a publishing template from publishing software such as windows publisher or openoffice,, but instead of actually typing in the real existing enttity as the assignee they left the template assingee in tact…the fact that the tepmlate assignee is named bogus assignee rather than template assignee shows the real intent to fraud since they knew the future assignees were going to be bogus in the first place. Then the robosigning/notarization
  3. MsJustanotherhuman says:
    more and more fraud….. knew it..look Obama has re-assigned a Federal registry item that has carried over since Bush man, it allows them to stop us, if we go en masse to stop their fraud! This is why they keep Elizabeth’s hands tied
  4. divabikinis says:
    The Federal Trade Commission today stepped up its ongoing campaign against scammers who falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn. “Operation Empty Promises,” a multi-agency law enforcement initiative today announced more than 90 enforcement actions including FHTM.
  5. YoginJ says:
  6. KingCast65 says:
    Watch this video:

    Nasty Mortgage Fraud Self Help remedy: Courtroom video in New Hampshire.

  7. AceOfHeart2012 says:
    Recoupment is on its way.
  8. slimsxyblkwoman says:
    This is outrageous!!!! These banks must fall and FALL HARD!!!
  9. hannahunney says:
    Right, you can’t use copies for anything. You can’t get ID with a copy of a birth certificate. You can’t rent or get your kid in school without original paperwork. But they can take your house with copies of documents?
  10. GThomason says:
    The law says your “ORIGINAL SIGNATURE” mortgage note MUST be co-located at the same bank currently financing the loan. A “copy” of the original note will not suffice, just as a “copy” of a dollar bill does not equal a dollar. If your mortage company cannot locate your original signed document (“wet ink” signature) they can be sued for the mortgage amount +3 times that amount. If your mortgage is in MERS, the original most likely is lost. DO NOT RE-FINANCE: It gives them a “new” signature.
  11. brewmaster95060 says:
    What does this mean?
  12. DinSFLA says:
    APRIL 3, 2010 The Wall Street Journal

    U.S. Probes Foreclosure-Data Provider
    Lender Processing Services Unit Draws Inquiry Over the Steps That Led to Faulty Bank Paperwork


  13. HollywoodSheen says:
    I’m a little lost on all this, how does what you’re video is stating affect foreclosures??
  14. Sinead522 says:
    Wow is all I can say!!! I can’t believe it actually says “Bogus” on the paperwork. And you know, that entity MERS is all over my mortgage paperwork. GMAC is my servicer and their attorneys have tried to foreclose on me using MERS !!!!!
  15. 1RoaringMonk says:
    judges pension funds are investing in foreclosures search youtube —oregon pers lonestar

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