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foreclosure fraud pt 1- read update info

In my backyard garden talking about the courts threatening to allow the banks to unlawfully hijack my family legacy and they usually use a Sheriff, ,,, (who are supposed to protect ordinary folks from big corporate criminals who steal our family’s labor, and sell our childrens futures to foreign entities who are impersonating a de-jure representative government of the unanimous majority,,,, or was that only 51% of them telling the other 49 that they can steal your land if the ‘majority’ feels like it, thats called “Mob Rule” .. people need to understand their own personal sovereignty, before this gangster bankster game will ever end, people will have to be responsible for themselves, and revert to simpler ways, clean ways of life, and what is free, money is what got us into9 this mess and getting rid of it will get us out, but we ALL need to walk out from under the pyramid, not just a few, but MILLIONS need to all STOP using their monopoly money UPDATE July 11, 2009- on ‘no judicial immunity’ Courts enforcing mere statutes do not act judicially merely ministerial, having thus no judicial immunity, and unlike courts of law do not obtain jurisdiction by service of process nor even arrest and compelled appearance. Boswell v. Otis, 9 Howard 336, 348. update on my foreclosure, (watch the videos below for some background After the bank committed forgery by signing the same name (by 3 separate hands), on a proof of service which they claimed they posted on my door by court order


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25 Responses to "foreclosure fraud pt 1- read update info"

  1. Kendocon123 says:
    Do not let them have possesion of the house or the land. It is 9/10ths of the law. Post no tresspassing sighns, and defend your home. Their is a federal lien on almost all land. The only one who owns it is the one with the allodial title. I would sue the title insurance company for not giving full disclosure in contract.
  2. paulagloria says:
    really interesting stuff
  3. hunhun23 says:
    I am not going to let them take the house because of the fact that they took advantage of my mom when she was not in her right state of mind. I will fight to keep the house because she worked all her life to have this house.
  4. LoveThePacificNW says:
    I uploaded a similar video yesterday. CitiMortgage has my first mortgage, GMAC my second. They are both trying to foreclose with the same tactics. They claim clerical errors and internal miscommunications. What do you think?
  5. BakersBoyz says:
    @earthicastar I will highlight your vid, right now I am in Reno.
  6. earthicastar says:
    @BakersBoyz yep.. same BDFK.. I served Ed Jagels and Donny Youngblood, the sheriff, and all the rest of the local gangsters with 4 Notices, Claims, and Orders to Cease and Desist.. and filed them into my lawsuits against GMAC.. naming the sheriff as a defendant.. if you are here.. come by and be a witness for me.. if you got a video phone or cam… even better.. see my playlist called Legal Kidnapping … email me… thanks earthica*star
  7. BakersBoyz says:
    Is this Bakersfield where the scum like Ed Jagels lock away innocent families so CPS can sell their children to sex slave rings for their homo child molester friends in the government?
  8. absenseofbrains says:
    freemasons are stealing everything for communism!
  9. seekinnertruth says:
  10. seekinnertruth says:
  11. BadassCeino says:
    Stand your ground baby girl, they dont own property, this is one of the main reason
    why those white men ran away from england to escape this tax collecting, profit greed system that the banks like to do.
    We will all soon get together & run there asses out of here for the final yime.
  12. TheSyljones22 says:
    You think your court system is corrupt. Let me tell you that santa clara county superior court is the worst on this earth. everything you described is the same thing they do here in this county. I to as many others are fighting GMAC too. They are known for buying off judges as alot of us have proof of this. if you would like more info about GMAC just visit our web cite at you will be able to contact us through ms fraud
  13. nbesser08 says:
    I took a video camera to video my files. You could see that paperwork that I had sent USPS certicate of mailing was not in the file. Then after I began to scream bloody murder some of the paperwork returned to my file. I have video of that also! They began a smear campaign against me with the help of the local newspapers and the county commissioners. I turned it back on them with the help of God, my Flip camcorder and numerous flyers informing the public of these political whores!
  14. nbesser08 says:
    The bank, their attorney, and the judge all tried to rip me off! I have it all documented on video!
  15. nbesser08 says:
    I had a similar problem. My videos show how I solved it:


    I am still in my home! Call me crazy! I agree – I am as crazy as a fox!

  16. bankslayer says:
    I’ve got the right to sue the National Australia Bank for damages but all I wanted was to keep my home. The bankers lied on the loan application and I’m the one who lost my home. Supposedly we have really good laws in Aus but I can tell you we DO NOT. I have the banks OWN DOCUMENTS that prove they lied on the application – it was unconscionable lending and is illegal but I can’t find a lawyer to take them on so am suing them on my own. I hope they pay on your invoices – stuff ‘em lol
  17. Modacolorist says:
    I live in an apartment. My mgmt has brung me into court even though the rent was paid. When I show my M.O. for proof of payment. Their lawyers tells the judge “oh we found her payment” The scary part is the judge told me he could send the Marshalls to my house even if the rent is paid. This system is wicked and stupid.
  18. 407buddy says:
    Family meeting folks, need to cut cost, OK how about canceling all insurance policies (frauds anyway) walk away from credit card (Fico scores: a huge fraud). Hey,’s Just a pragmatic family “got to survive” business decision. Got the idea from too big to fail banks, they are really good at it. Gonna start me a family veggie garden, pop me a cool one and,..Oh well Fuck it!
  19. TheDraconiankiller says:
    earthicastar: Great job and very brave for coming forward with a video. Your one of millions like myself that is a victim to the federal reserve and the central bankers that make our money and control damn near all the world Government. My point is that we the people need to protest worldwide not just Youtube which is owned by an elite member.
  20. TheDraconiankiller says:
    Instead of posting comments with anger let’s banned together and fight this shit. I’m a victim still in my home but I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul and I tell the creditors to kiss my ass. Our government is no longer for the people since the last decent president we had and it damn sure was not Bill Clinton it’s JFK. When they killed him the Government was infiltrated and that’s why we are in the position we are in today.
  21. johnnecron says:
    you should also file a claim for all mineral rights on your land.
  22. hornerm5 says:
    You should not file bankruptcy. Get a good lawyer and counter suit the bank.
  23. lightshiner4ubud says:
    judges attorney bankers cops suc.k. ‘Geronimo’, once said ‘what gives man the right to divide up the land and sell it’.
  24. banjojambo says:
    in oregon the oregon public pension plan (judges pension) are aggressively purchasing foreclosures with 600 million dollars they gave to lonestar group isnt that a conflict?
  25. freemanshrout says:
    Tops …

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