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Foreclosure Help in Alberta

Are You in Danger of Going into Foreclosure in Alberta?

While it’s an unfortunate circumstance, the foreclosure rates in Alberta have been climbing steadily. Poor economic conditions, cutbacks at companies which have led to layoffs, all of these contribute to families having to deal with tough situations. Situations like falling into foreclosure in Alberta.

If you are in a position where you may have to sell your home or simply walk away because you cannot meet the sheer amount of bills coming in each month you need to understand all your options when it comes to the Alberta foreclosure process. We’ve spent months learning the ins and outs of the process and for the first time we actually compiled everything we scraped together from other investors, lawyers and people in the Real estate business and finally compiled it all together in one handy reference for homeowners in tough financial situations in Alberta.

When you are in the early stage of trying to make ends meet, trying to get mortgage payments met, groceries bought, car payments covered it can be incredibly stressful. When you get that initial Demand Letter from the bank’s lawyer, well it just takes it up another notch.


If you just cannot turn things around at that point and the Statement of Claim arrives, you’ve got to take action and that’s where this guide can help you. We explain exactly what the Demand Letter is, what it means, and what the action steps are that you can take to help move forward.

If you found out about this too late, or couldn’t right things and you have reached the point where a Statement of Claim has arrived, our Alberta Foreclosure Process guide explains to you what this stage means, what your new options or action steps are what has to be done. The foreclosure process in Alberta, while complicated and foreboding is a straightforward process and once you know the process you can understand what you can do to keep your home and save your credit, or what you have to do to sell your home and still save your credit.

Most people and the families that live in them lose their home to foreclosure simply because they didn’t understand the process. They didn’t do their homework, they didn’t try to do any research, or they thought they couldn’t afford a costly lawyer to explain everything. Well now, you can do your homework. You can do your research and find answers to your problems. All without a costly lawyer bill!

What many people don’t understand is, it’s not just the foreclosure that’s the issue. It’s the impact that it has on your credit report afterwards that can truly devastate someone. That foreclosure can impair your credit for seven years! That affects a lease on a new vehicle, getting a new credit card, and many other tiny factors that you probably take for granted. So don’t let it get to this stage.

If you need to find out the process of foreclosure in Alberta and what your options are, you need to come visit us at and get our free report. Now in a foreclosure situation time is of the essence, so don’t wait come visit us today and get the information you need to make an educated decision about your future!

Canada Home Buyer and it’s president Harold Hagen have been actively involved in the Alberta Real Estate markets for over 5 years now. With experience in renovations, rental properties and the foreclosure process they can help most homeowners looking for solutions. Visit us at to view our series of videos on the foreclosure process or to receive our free guide to the Alberta Foreclosure Process.

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