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Foreclosure Lawyer Coral Springs | (954) 603-4567 | American Legal Foreclosure Attorney Coral Springs American Legal PA Foreclosure defense Coral Springs American Legal PA 7401 Wiles Road, Suite 211 Coral Springs Florida 33067 (954) 603-4567 1. Q. What exactly is foreclosure law and what does it cover? A. Foreclosure law governs the process of a bank or financial institution foreclosing on a home — or insisting that the occupant vacate the premises. Typically, the home will be then sold to regain monetary interest in the home. 2. Q. What happens during a foreclosure? A. Typically, when you become late on payments, you will be sent late notices. After a certain period of time, you may be required to send the full amount of the home cost. Then, the financial institution will take you to court and the financial institution will seek ownership of the home. 3. Q. How many notices must be sent before the financial institution can seek foreclosure? A. The laws vary from state to state, however, you typically do not have to actually vacate your home in the foreclosure process. After the financial institution seeks ownership of the home, you become a sort of ‘tenant,’ forcing the institution to go through an eviction process. 4. Q. Is there any way to stop foreclosure of my home? A. Generally, paying the amount of money that you are in arrears for will stop the foreclosure of your home. If you’re unable to do that right away, filing bankruptcy can

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