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Foreclosure Lawyer, Florida Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy

Teisha Powell, Law Offices is a Florida Foreclosure defense Attorney. The Firm also handles Bankruptcy, short sales, loan modification. The Firm also handles other Real Estate Law. So if you need foreclosure defense, loan modification, bankruptcy, litigation or real estate law, then contact Teisha Powell, Law Offices at or 561-929-7229 or We can help you with your real estate needs. settlement. PLease call (561) 929-7229 or visit for your free consultation.


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2 Responses to "Foreclosure Lawyer, Florida Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy"

  1. stavsig says:
    This lady is articulate, efficient and very competent and I recommend her highly.
  2. advhmjoshi97 says:
    Teisha Powell is a great attorney. Very down to earth, straight forward and knows her stuff. She has extensive experience in the civil arena, ranging from the litigation of foreclosures, breach of contracts, evictions, Truth-in-Lending suits, bankruptcies etc.

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