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Foreclosure Sweet Home: Collective Journalism

Across the US, the number of forclosures has skyrocketed. This Collective Journalism group investigation puts a human face on those affected by the housing crisis. VIEW more Current TV & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here…


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23 Responses to "Foreclosure Sweet Home: Collective Journalism"

  1. sadistickitty1977 says:
    @ooogmorg Hopefully by the time you are buying your first home this whole mess will be over, and bank/lender auditors and regulations will be in place so that this type of thing never happens again. That is the hope anyway… who knows for sure.
  2. topshotmx8 says:
    I like it!
  3. SupHobagg says:
    that’s right…exactly. good thing you never did.
  4. SupHobagg says:
    I know what you mean. It’s upsetting anyway you slice it I guess. But at least most of these people have their families, which is something if they end up screwed
  5. cmwatchers says:
    very enteresting.hope it does not last.
  6. datalal624 says:
    I think the saddest part is seeing people’s baby and wedding albums left behind to be thrown away, because they can’t carry it with them.

    I do feel sorry for these people, especially the working poor who lose their homes and become homeless, going from shelter to shelter with their kids. Damn!

  7. JonnyVixen says:
    LAWL well that’s one way to move
  8. 0Krusnik0 says:
    AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Suckers. So much for the American dream!
  9. hottubmolly says:
    I was shocked to hear that woman say in surprise “We’re gonna have to start spending only what we earn”

    …serio…seriously? can you imagine? living within ones own means? I’ve never heard of such poppycock! [/sarcasm]

  10. poplolcool says:
    just laught at them.  lool
  11. akar3m0 says:
    i want to get a condo …. if that isnt any different.
  12. bl0000000000 says:
    or a trailer :)
    they’re portable and you get free rides during a tornado :D
  13. bl0000000000 says:
    no…..that’s when the bank takes your home away because you can’t pay the mortgage on it.
  14. eventide925 says:
    No sympathy. These are the assholes who looked down on me and denied me for being one of “The working poor.” I couldn’t buy a house and now I don’t even want one.
  15. ghiban137 says:
    I love how people’s ignorance automatically qualifies them for victim status. For most of them, buying a house is the biggest financial decision they will ever make. Yet, they do not research or create a reasonable budget, solely relying on the words and advice of others.
  16. bl0000000000 says:
    A youtube ad came up
    “Buy Foreclosure homes”
  17. JonnyVixen says:
    Get an apartment
  18. n00berania says:
    Is foreclosure giving up your house ‘coz you’re strapped for cash?
  19. KittyMishka says:
    That guy that was a first time homeowner; he really needed to get an “investigator” to go around the house and look for problems. There’s a special term for that person, but you pay him/her and they literally inspect everything and make sure it is as described. But again… it costs money and not a lot of people know where to contact a person like that. It’s really tragic what is happening.
  20. rickras20 says:
    My aunt lives in Belton, MO! Its horrible how foreclosure is sweeping the nation off of its feet. :(
  21. ooogmorg says:
    oh crap im 14 and by the time i need to buy a house what will happen by then?
  22. ooogmorg says:
    no i am or am i or are you or am i or are you…..
  23. itachiofthedesert says:

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