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ForeclosureLawLLC Missouri Madness Vol 1

This video shows the rampant fraud in the Missouri foreclosure market. If you have a foreclosure pending, or if you have been foreclosed already, please give us a call at 877-945-3952 and let us help. The choice of a lawyer is an important one, and should not be based solely on the basis of advertisement.


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7 Responses to "ForeclosureLawLLC Missouri Madness Vol 1"

  1. TheAlrady says:
    Wow John’s info got around fast…. and even then I know a couple of people that have had this for a while…. GREAT video though and I was not aware of the TWO bids… I have seen that some banks sell to their own employees for 10 bucks… the fraud doesn’t end there.. .they collect the insurance and send it back to government who controls the pricing of the homes for resale and many homes aren’t even made available… a bunch of bogus boogies.
  2. TheAlrady says:
    @prais2jah NO BOA is a SERVICER it does not hold your mortgage.. if you want to know who holds your mortgage check the trusts and check who sues you if you fail in payments. The trusts are not valid.
  3. ForeclosureLawLLC23 says:
    The bank can have their lawyers; that’s great. But this is the TRUSTEE with duties to both sides.

    Also, Bank of America NEVER owned this loan. They just serviced it. There is much to know, prais2jah.

    The foreclosure is “owned” by whomever purchased it, if it was valid. It was therefore “owned” by BOA. Why did they lie and say FannieMae?

  4. prais2jah says:
    you can look at fannie mae on wikipedia to get more info. So if BOA has to hire an attorney to manage a foreclosure, then that attorney is managing a single foreclosure, but that foreclosure is ‘owned’ by both BOA and Fannie Mae. If you all are trying to help the public, and not your own company, you will be careful to represent things truthfully. Not saying that there are not problems with the process, just saying it would be good if you were not adding more
  5. prais2jah says:
    deceptive presentation by creator of this clip. For example, if I go to Bank of America to get a mortgage, I may get a Fannie Mae or a FHA or other type of mortgage depending on what I qualify for, but it is still BOA that will hold my mortgage.
  6. TrollBuster9090 says:
    Why is Scott Grimes now working as a repo man? Didn’t he earn enough money making Party of Five and Band of Brothers?
  7. cheekieweekie says:
    It might be nice if you could tell the viewer how it should be – its a bit confusing, but obviously the documents at the end are fraudulent.. that law firm should lose its license.

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