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Foreclosures and the Status of Banks and the Economy – No More Foreclosure Rally San Diego http Homeowners 4 Hope is an organization that is trying to keep families in their homes and avoid foreclosures. Frustrated by the lack of effort on the part of large banks to restructure loans Homeowners 4 Hope launched as a grass roots campaign to unite homeowners and send a message to congressional members and banks that more needs to be done to make banks work with home owners and via restructuring loans. In this video mortgage broker Dave McDonald talks about the current housing situation and what is coming down the pipeline for homeowners as banks consolidate power. If you have a foreclosure story to share or would like to volunteer to help get this message out visit the website or . In this video mortgage brokers Dave MacDonald shares his frustration seeing people being throw out of their homes during protest in front of Chase Bank in San Diego.


  1. If B. Clinton and a Republican Congress hadn’t deregulated the banks, would the economy still be in shambles? In 1999, Bill Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leachy-Bliley Act, which in essence allowed for investment banks, commercial banks, and...

  2. Huge Profits Cleaning Foreclosures for the Banks! With 175,000 foreclosures/month, banks need property preservation companies to clean up and fix up these properties. Recession resistant, low startup,...

  3. Banks paying homeowner to keep home clean after foreclosure? Some time ago I came across an article about banks offering cash to homeowners being foreclosed on in return for...

  4. Bank Foreclosures ? What are Bank Owned Foreclosures and How to Find the Bank Foreclosure Listings? Bank foreclosures refer to those properties that are repossessed by banks due to payment defaults by the previous owners and...

  5. Homeowners Sue Banks to Cancel Mortgage or for Wrongful Foreclosure & Punitive Damages CEPersVid 42 Attorney Carl Person explains why homeowners in every state should consider suing banks for cancellation of mortgage, to obtain...

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2 Responses to "Foreclosures and the Status of Banks and the Economy – No More Foreclosure Rally San Diego"

  1. ToxicOdiousOne says:
    Banks need revenue. They will just raise prices to the cunsumer for their services to make up for the loss of profits to cover their costs.
  2. kbspots says:
    Totally agree. Credit scores should be thrown out and this has been my opinion all along. Everybody needs a home and everybody should get the same rate for a home.

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