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Fox News Gets Owned by Protesters Occupying Wall Street

Jesse LaGreca from Occupy Wall Street talks to Fox News…this clip never made it to air, via Kyle Christopher of Occupy Wall St.’s media team. Source: mavgirl69 If you want to help: . Occupy Wall Street Washington Los Angeles Boston Chicago Miami Portland Maine Denver Adbusters Anonymous Arab Spring Protests Protesters Demonstrations Social Economic Inequality Corporate Greed Money Politics Lobbyists Government Recession Bankruptcy Global Financial Crisis Arrests Pepper-Spraying Incidents March On Brooklyn Bridge Corruption Unemployment Occupying Fox News Gets Owned Jesse LaGreca


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25 Responses to "Fox News Gets Owned by Protesters Occupying Wall Street"

  1. ol1veriscool says:
    I came
  2. locokrazy69 says:
    And another thing lets be honest with ourselve atlest the tea party people didnt leave 20 tons of shit laying around after there rallies. No one go arrested or crapped on the sidewalk at a tea party rally. No one got rape you get the picture. Even if you disagree with there message atlest they act like human beings and not a bunch f’ing animals. Start acting like civil human beings and more people will support your damn cause
  3. locokrazy69 says:
    I liked this guy until hes final comment. The president shouldnt be playing venture capitolist with our money to a political crony. If this was bush the media would have nothing other then how he wasted our money to political fundraisers. Screw them all. Screw bush and his left winged clone. Screw the idiots we haved allowed to run this country. Wake up folks the “1%” are the idiots we elect to congress every two-four-six years. Change that and you can start fixing this country.
  4. g0tcadaver says:

    Please message me or comment back with at least 2 studies. Otherwise you’re full of shit. Just like Faux News.

  5. etirvan says:

    Oh, gee, a study from a New Jersey University. You do realize that such a survey from a New Jersey University is actually irrelevant, don’t you, especially given the tiny sample they used. Most studies, that are actually relevant that is, state the contrary. I will believe relevant studies over studies conducted by a liberally biased university any day.

  6. Phobosuchus1 says:
    @etirvan It’s funny you say that, when studies have found that viewers of Fox News are less informed of world events than people who don’t watch any news.
    Source: publicmind(dot)fdu(dot)edu/2011/knowless/
  7. etirvan says:

    What lies? You do realize that it has been documented and proven by several independent studies that Fox News is the most honest and fair and balanced news network, don’t you? When it comes to honesty, it has been categorically proven beyond any and ALL doubt that Fox News beats out ALL of it’s competition, including CNN, and the liars at MSNBC. Fox News does NOT lie. Fox News tells it as it is, period. Sorry if the truth is too much for you to handle.

  8. oscarashes says:
    @g0tcadaver Fox. Fair and balanced. No brag. just fact.
  9. CristianKirk says:
    @oscarashes Lol.
  10. g0tcadaver says:

    How has he shown that he doesn’t know how the economy works? What part was wrong? He was being pretty general since he was under a time crunch.

    Of course people get freaked out that Fox can be number one. It’s SCARY that so many people subscribe to the LIES spread by fox news. At least you guys got rid of Glenn Beck. Whew.

  11. Reido2828 says:
    I’m happy LeGreca is a pro capitalist. The corporate cunts need regulations, we need a level playing field, and we need more people like LeGreca speaking out
  12. oscarashes says:
    @PaulbylPaulbyl I would give him the correct answer!
  13. PaulbylPaulbyl says:
    @oscarashes and i am sure you would give a better answer.
  14. oscarashes says:
    Fox News get owned by protesters? No, I don’t think so. This guys showed that he has no idea how the economy works, and if he is the typical representative for the OWC, then Fox was making their point. That most of these people don’t have a clue of what they are protesting about. They are just being used as tools by the extreme left wing who want to socialize this country. It is funny though, how bad they hate Fox. They get freaked out how Fox remains the number one cable news network.
  15. osterdi says:
    I love this guy talking to the camera man! :D
  16. jaxgal618 says:
    I can’t even watch this… did the frigging camera man have epilepsy or something. It was making me physically ill trying to watch.
  17. oscarashes says:
    This guy seems to know it all. But then, why doesn’t he have a job?
  18. aztecadog says:
    this is no longer about conservatives vs liberals, its about reclaiming our gov- our gov no longer represents the people but instead is bought & paid for by ‘special interest’-
    you can vote obama out only to be replaced another man/woman whos policys will just blur into those of reagans/bush sr/clintons/bush jr/obamas….& keep our nation on this trainwreck path-
    righty/leftys must come together to change, not particpate in, the status-quo
  19. StratoBlaster420 says:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
  20. deadkornbread says:
    This guy had some good points but lost me at the end.solyndra is a BIG DEAL buddy.obama used our tax dollars to fund this disasterous company that failed.obama has done nothing but help bailout banks and run our economy more into the ground.wise up buddy vote for ron paul
  21. drmark1956 says:
    What a pompous little ass! He hasn’t a clue about how the economy works. Get a job little boy….take off your little hat and, get a job. Why does FOX criticize the president? Because he DESERVES it! He is the worst prez in history and I can’t wait till we vote him out!

    Dr. E

  22. TheBalancedAmerican says:
    @CauleyDog420 You’re right. The biggest money-makers are the Mexican Mafia, and industrial growers in Canada.  Although it would impact smaller growing operations, I think the trade off is worth ending gang revenues, and providing a new source of revenue to help a crippled state budget.
  23. CauleyDog420 says:
    @TheBalancedAmerican That makes sens, and thanks for the insight. It’s a wide open market in Nevada, but the regulations are nowhere near those in California, so it’s nearly impossible to make any money, especially if you are disabled and actually require medical marijuana. Some disabilities are so bad that the people simply can’t grow and harvest it themselves.
  24. CauleyDog420 says:
    @ the balanced american. That makes sense. It’s a wide open market in Nevada, but the regulations are nowhere near those in california, so it’s nearly impossible to make any money, especially if you are disabled and actually require medical marijuana. Some disabilities are so bad that the people simply can’t grow and harvest it themselves.
  25. TheBalancedAmerican says:
    @mythmanjay Strategy is a very important topic. I don’t have all the answers but, I advocate a return to the decentralized model outlined by our framers. Voters have greater voice when decisions are made close to home. Also, when a decision is made at the local level it doesn’t force a one-size-fits-all idea to the whole nation.

    For those responsibilities reserved for the Federal Government, we just need to keep voting them out until we get someone we like. =)

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