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Free Bankruptcy Help

Free bankruptcy help does exist. It can come in the form of the Citizens Advice Bureau or from any of the hundreds of commercial operators who provide help to those in debt distress.


The commercial organisations all to a certain extent have a need to make a charge for their services after all they only exist to generate profit. Many of the sites that you will come across on the internet are set up by professional marketing companies who do not actually give any advice themselves but instead sell on their traffic to other companies who have an agenda with the type of advice they want to dispense, ie getting you in a debt management plan or onto an IVA.


We are different in that all we want to do is give you straight advice, pointing you in the best direction for your problem and letting you decide what you want to do. All our telephone help is free. You can call as often as you need.



If you decide you need help with any of the solutions recommended to you we can of course help and place you with an approved supplier or take you through the solution ourselves.


Walking people through the bankruptcy process is one of our specialities. Up and down the country we help people complete their bankruptcy paperwork, book court hearings and them proceed with their application and hearings. We can attend any court in the land and our fees for doing so are the lowest that we have encountered.


Of course if all you want is the free advice that is fine.


We always advise not to take a solution from the first person you speak with. We will even encourage you to speak to someone else if you sound unsure. However as our staff are legally qualified and not paid by sales you can be assured that you are getting proper advice and not a sales pitch.


Good luck in your search.

For personal contact, email If you have any debt problem whatsover either personal or corporate make Steve your first call on 0808 160 5577. All telephone advice is free.


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