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Freedom from DEBT Course Freedom COURSE The enrollment fee for the class is Now Reduced from $150 to $65.00 for the whole course. Your receiving the video training and documents to help you with your Secure Party Status as a Nonadverse Party. Here is the description of the class. Send Via Paypal to: Once you make the payment I will invite you in. :) Are you asking yourself what the heck am I always in debt? Have you ever wondered if there was something abnormal about how this society operates? Do you feel as though you are living in a prison country rather then a sovereign nation? Why does it seem as though these government officials, whether they work in the courthouse, County Clerk Office, some of the medical staff, the police department, treat you as if you were a slave or chattel? Bossing you around, telling you what to do? Feels like your talking to a Robot programmed to be zombified without any emotions, only ordered to talk to you as if they were reading from a script? Who are these people? What power of authority do they have to control your lives? To report your Credit if its good or bad? Like Santa Clause has got a check list on you as if your good or bad? What does having a Social Security Number and Birth Certificate really mean? Does it feel like you never had any constitutional rights? Or that they are ignoring it as if it was not important? Do you think its right for a Doctor to question you with sensitive information about yourself or your child? Such


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4 Responses to "Freedom from DEBT Course"

  1. SidneyXda says:
    God i missed ya druanna! i thought you went off youtube
  2. CuteCatFaith says:
    I recommend the Sunshine8308 guy. He has a fascinating blog.
  3. shazankd says:
    yeah, druanna, you told me about the scalar pendant, ucc, kb, and alot of spiritual advice w/o even talking to me personally! I feel the good vibes, now to tie all these together
  4. TheHarlemSeal says:
    Druanna, I just got my first job ever. The reason I decided to get a job now is to get the UCC1 and also because of the KB gold. Thanks for all the info. I’m glad I found out all these different things this year.

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