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freeman on the land standing in court HONOUR DISHONOUR WORLD-bankruptcy (1/4)



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25 Responses to "freeman on the land standing in court HONOUR DISHONOUR WORLD-bankruptcy (1/4)"

  1. sUNaRMYK says:
    Regis means king, government, public trustee, Jesus said in the bible he will never bow to any king…mans law…as he is of the natural (dust of the earth). For the longest, the bar/law society have been using the bible as the book of law.
  2. sUNaRMYK says:
    That is very interesting, if you don’t register your baby in within 7 years you get a letter claiming its ‘law’ to register your the baby or be fined. This guy is good.
  3. sUNaRMYK says:
    Ahhhh, good ol’ Themis of the justice, sword of the Corp of London and the scales to balance the account of the charge in the cells until zeroed out and time spent …re-leased for another charge back to the principle. Wheres my racket, lets go court and play another game, high chair will act as judge if you don’t agree my game was in honor.
  4. reksub10 says:
    @Eventsis if you registered trhem at birth then you cant ..and if you havent gotten them bith certs then they have to do it befor etheir 7 not you on their behalf you have to teach them your self so they can do it them selves .you are a serf and cannot free another serf …but ,in law you are a moon-star(monstar) not a child of light .in their eyes the EL-ites(priests of saturnalia)you have no spirit to go with your flesh and soul ,thats how your dead then risen to be judged on your court date
  5. reksub10 says:
    @felicityfly1 they dont have one anymore as they have disconected from the system and live free from the state and its benefit priveledges…so the website was not maintained and taken down as the info was not updated …..gtry they have the same info but i think they have an agenda thats a bit socialist i dont know for sure that only my opinion but i could be wrong…but most lies are bult on truths so they seem plausible so its still worth a still exposes the corruption
  6. reksub10 says:
    so are we dead until risen again on the day of judgment and we rise to fight in the war of judgment which we dont know the date of as they have to schedule ,,,,,the bible tells us alot about all this stuff and where it came from,take the supernbayural out of the bible and youll get morte truths,thebible was written in code to make the beast unaware of what it was ,but the beast has now claimed its teachings as its own and distorted the meanings of god(kings)heavens(haven.castles)angle(messengers
  7. reksub10 says:
    @Mickygemma i just wish you could prove that what he is saying is wrong instead of just claiming its wrong and calling it bullshit .what would they do today if there was a plauge in a lad they wanted to get rid of as they have finished with it ?they burn the fucker out ,the flash it ,,so thats what the fire of london was to kill off all the infected and the places where they lived ..they did not know the extent of the plauges damage so they took everything into trust ,as the death toll rose fast
  8. Mickygemma says:
    This Bullshit about the great fire of London is a load of crap. I just wish he could prove what he has said as that is a load of bollocks
  9. Mickygemma says:
    @rockonbabybee don;t get brain washed. research it all first. 
  10. reksub10 says:
    can anyone translate what “cestus qiu vie” mean …i know the act but is this latin? cheers
  11. DontGetVaginal says:
    @hazmx5 any chance you could tell me where I can find this (if this is spelt right) sestive kv act 1666? I cannot find it anywhere online
  12. varsityeagle89 says:
    Enough of UK or USA is better. We all have to join as 1 and fight these pieces of shit. We’re true sovereigns and no one can take that away from us!!

    Greetings from Texas..

  13. felicityfly1 says:
    Where is your website please?
  14. Fletch09 says:
    @reksub10 nope
  15. jk147a says:
    Enjoyed the vid, but if the participants were to put as much effort into finding a salad and a pair of trainers they might get the chance to spread their message to their grandchildren.
  16. cthefreeman says:
    Remember ,once you are fully awake it is your human duty to pass this on and wake others……but gently though….nobody reacts well to a rude awakening. much love..
  17. pondman27 says:
    A state within a state, a nation within a nation. In such places, for more than 3,000 yrs, the priesthoods and scribes from the temple have imprisoned, enslaved and sucked the vitality of mankind.
    It ends now as it must, their systems of statutes and judgements do not follow the ethics and morals of humankind or the natural law, instead, they employ systematic terrorism upon the people, fear of violence and death to control and destroy nations. IT ENDS NOW
  18. reksub10 says:
    @Fletch09 yeah i would like that song aswell .did you get an answer?
  19. reksub10 says:
    @JELB1960 awww is your attention span that bad a bit of resonate sound distracts you ..aww pick your dummy back up mate and dont spit it out again in public please
  20. Boyntonstu says:
    Isn’t the lawyer also dead?
  21. pthompson108 says:
    I can’t seem to get through to their website … anyone have any info on that ? By the way … great vid guys, we need to get the word out.
  22. Dr1Canuckchuck says:
    @Eventsis You are going to have to learn a lot, but there is hope, lots of hope. 1st, learn the entire concept, watch these vids, “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception”, “The Magnificent Deception”. 2nd, file a “Notice of Understanding & Intent” and a “Claim of Right”. You’re done.
    You need to learn all about it first though. Lots of homework to know all the tricks they use, but that will get you started and on your way. Good luck, and Peace.
  23. PhillipOrion says:
    I had beers with these cats in Phoenix Arizona.
  24. Eventsis says:
    I have to kids one 4 and one nearlly 2 how do i claim back titles??
  25. FFCS2009 says:
    1:32 says to me “justice will be served at the tip of a sword wielded by someone blind to the facts”…maybe im reading that statue wrong?

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