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From Here to Insolvency: Can the American Dream Survive Crushing Debt?

Alison Fraser of the Heritage Foundation explains how Democrat detractor’s of Paul Ryan’s plan (and Newt Gingrich) are unfair and dishonest.


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4 Responses to "From Here to Insolvency: Can the American Dream Survive Crushing Debt?"

  1. eddems says:
    I don’t care for a consumption tax. I don’t care for so many people getting government benefits, as in not paying taxes either. The problem, in my view, is that it hits retired people with modest savings who only spend money. People who rely on social security without pensions shouldn’t have to pay a tax. If you have a pension of $4K/month or more, your social security should taper off. The little guy shouldn’t be hurt by a new plan or method of collecting taxes.
  2. specialtymachining says:
    So how is coercing money from people, charitable? Leave charity to the individuals & so much more will get done. The Government monopoly is the worst & last way something should be attempted.
    If you’re worried about Granny being kicked out of the nursing home, then take care of her yourself, as this country used to do. Is it that I want everyone else to help take care of my parents, so I can have my freedom from that obligation?
  3. bsg1206 says:
    I hate hearing about “strengthening” or “fixing” the entitlements. Just get rid of them!
  4. ilikemitchhedberg says:
    Entitlement culture represents the new Slave-Owning Class. Slavery was, by the way, LEGAL, as it was on the books… that doesn’t make it right. All working Americans [if there are any more that actually work] are indentured servants to the welfare class. You work for Them.

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