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Future Money Trends Report – - – Episode 3 – August 5, 2011 A debt ceiling compromise was reached but the US government failed to make any substantial change in policy when it agreed to raise the debt ceiling enough to last until 2013. The agreement lowers previously defined spending however it still adds seven trillion dollars to the US national debt over the next ten years. US debt has now reached 100% of GDP with no end in sight to fiscal irresponsibility. http Rating agency Moody’s kept the US AAA credit rating but put the United States on a negative outlook making it likely for a future downgrade. Standard & Poor’s as well as Fitch rating agencies are also likely to downgrade the US Some other rating agencies of the world have already downgraded the US including recently a Chinese rating agency. With no Quantitative Easing 3 announced so far, the stock market is falling after the debt ceiling deal; the Dow Jones dropping over 500 points Thursday. The US is not the only country openly manipulating its currency; Japan is pushing the Yen lower to help their export driven economy Also, China is boosting GDP with enormous construction projects to build housing and other structures for which there is very sparse demand and thus creating a real estate bubble. Gold has rallied, it being a safe haven from the current US dollar devaluation and insolvency. Mid-day gold reached a high of $1681


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11 Responses to "Future Money Trends Report – - – Episode 3 – August 5, 2011"

  1. FutureMoneyTrends says:
    @DeeeArrrEsss yeah. Apostraphe defintion changed for “IT’s” a few years ago
  2. DeeeArrrEsss says:
    @Aeros802 *its not it’s
  3. FutureMoneyTrends says:
    @davidperez6 It’s been a long time coming, finally one agency has downgraded us and the rest will follow
  4. FutureMoneyTrends says:
    @bigbenff1 yeah, you saw that S&P downgraded the US right? see new breaking video update on this channel
  5. FutureMoneyTrends says:
    @Aeros802 well cities definately have a lot of property
  6. FutureMoneyTrends says:
    @imcontraire exactly right
  7. imcontraire says:
    This is Your Life America. If you can’t stop the reckless spending of politicians, then history will repeat when fiat currency go belly up. Time to stock up on food and real money…Folks
  8. bigbigmjfan says:
    The end to all of this is very simple. The rich must start paying their fair share. Until people stop being scared of them the country will not come back.

    Until then we chase our tail.

    How many Gucci suits and Gator boots can they buy.

  9. Aeros802 says:
    China is not experiencing a property bubble. Instead i would call it a “city bubble”. All those nameless ghost cities citing around China is going to bring the country to it’s knees.
  10. bigbenff1 says:
    I would say the Chinese credit downgrade is a more credible indicator of our credit status since they are the ones who are lending us the money.
  11. davidperez6 says:
    US country doesn’t need AAA; they need 14.7 trillion don’t forget!

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