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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Future of Europe: Euro break up. Future eurozone? Debt crisis. Future of banks, Economy speaker

Future of Europe: Euro break up. Future eurozone? Debt crisis. Future of banks, Economy speaker Future of Euro and eurozone nations. Economy speaker and keynote. Future impact on banking, banks, sovereign debt. Government insolvency, economic stimulus programs. How Euro crisis will unfold. Impact on jobs, deflation, inflation, imports, exports, manufacturing and other industry trends. Pension funds, investment, government debt, spain, portugal, greece, italy, germany, ireland, uk. sovereign wealth funds and demand for government bonds. Cutting government borrowing to meet market demand, analyst action. Impact on unemployment, social unrest, political change and national stability. Economic forecasts with devaluation following ejection from euro. Future of Ireland. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France and UK. Interest rate policy of European Central Bank (ECB). Pension fund investment and fund management.


  1. Spain’s Savings Banks Face Consolidation or Insolvency May 28 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports from Madrid about the financial position of Spanish savings banks. The...

  2. Euro zone crisis, Greece bankruptcy , no deal for T Bonds. I think that Euro may collapse before the USD. ...

  3. I have a solution to the debt crisis, how about the whole economy files bankruptcy? Not just US national bankruptcy, but global bankruptcy. It’s time to chop the head off the zombie economy that is...

  4. Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: The Unloading of the Economy Continues The power and influence of Standard and Poor, stimulus packages have been a bust, Europe mired in toxic waste,...

  5. Nouriel Roubini Discusses European Debt Relief Bloomberg — May 18, 2010 — May 18 (Bloomberg) — New York University professor Nouriel Roubini talks with Bloomberg’s...

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25 Responses to "Future of Europe: Euro break up. Future eurozone? Debt crisis. Future of banks, Economy speaker"

  1. pjvdixon says:
    Spinning background was a test which I think will not be repeated!
  2. aqeelsiddiqui69 says:
    i felt my head was spinning because of the spinning background…
  3. Porkion says:
    @donnyab Be careful what you wish for.
  4. donnyab says:
    what we really need is a nuclear war to clean out all the shit and start off again
  5. keltow says:
    My country should’ve never joined the Euro!
  6. oleksiypilyugin says:
    @pjvdixon it is annoying (sorry for the late reply)
  7. PositiveMoneyUK says:
    Our monetary system is based on credit or debt, and without constantly continuing issuance of debt, the whole thing falls apart. Our system of ‘fractional reserve banking’ gives commercial banks a licence to literally create money out of thin air – and then charge interest on the money they created. Fractional reserve banking is the cause of spiralling debt.
    The biggest public campaign has started to abolish fractional reserve system. Visit POSITIVE MONEY website and support the campaign.
  8. boum62 says:
    The spinning around on camera is a drag … the report and opinions were well delivered though
  9. Mr5eXLove says:
    my head hurts >.< sry
  • philipsmovies says:
    Your videos are always interesting. Thanks Patrick. The financial crisis and all it’s problems just proves what an out-dated and unsustainable system which is on it’s way out.
  • EuroSon99 says:
    Your right. Anti-europeans are a sad joke. Every time something bad happens they blame the EU. Just look at the USA and Japan people. They are individual nations and are in more debt then all of Europe combined. Just look at Iceland which was NOT part of the EU and NOT part of the Euro, It`s Economy Totally Collapsed. Face reality: Our Continent is far to small and with far to many culture`s to be so nationalistic. Have we forgotten WW1 and 2. The EU is not a bad thing and everyone knows it.
    @pjvdixon If you didn’t talk & just spun around, that would say everything about the economies!
  • zeppos07 says:
    I was depressed before this video. Now I’m drunk too.
  • Puzzoozoo says:
    The EU is a house of cards built on a row of dominows, and sooner or later the first domino will be falling on to the second one which will …

    Its all going to get very messy and very ugly very soon.

  • elluppo2006 says:
    I love your posts, but can’t watch this one. Spinning around like this is a bad idea… Fixed shot is better because people listen to what you say, rather than what looking at what you do. Thanks for all the rest of your comments and thoughts on youtube!
  • philproductions2210 says:
    “How do you repossess if you’re owed money by a govt?” (@ 7.28)

    The answer is… not as you said but, u demand they leave the EU and the Euro. That must be your opening (minimum) requirement. Because that govt are bankrupt and in freefall, they have no choice.

    This is the only way forward for mankind in 21st century. To dump common currencies for ever – and then execute anyone, who still supports the aims of the EU, no matter how important they might seem and wherever they may hide.

  • matchbox555 says:
    this video is nonsense.. its all spin
  • patrickdixon14 says:
    Ah i’m dizzy >.<
  • mmt2k9 says:
    Thanks for sharing your video.
  • mmt2k9 says:
    Thanks for sharing your video.
  • ncroc says:
    Good video. I didnt like the spinning around thing either.
  • PaulJReading says:
    Good summary of the situation. Do Sarkozy and Merkel have what it takes to solve it?
  • PaulJReading says:
  • wahid1011 says:
    This is a strong push forward from the money powers to consolidate their power, printing money out of thin air and then loaning it out to bankrupt nations. Governments, corporations etc must continue to borrow money. They must continue to get in debt to prevent a complete collapse. If there was no money there will be no debt and if there was no debt there would be no money, this is how the system is built it is designed to steal from everyone.
  • jcdobber says:
    Good information! too much spinning :)
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