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Georgia Kelly – Seapeace

One of my favourite songs. So beautiful and innocent, perfect song if you are feeling down and want something to cheer you up. Makes you feel there is still hope (and great music too ;) in this world.

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21 Responses to "Georgia Kelly – Seapeace"

  1. SenninWolf says:
    So peaceful.
  2. born4destructionl says:
    @salinagrrrl69 Me too!!!!
  3. XadrisEldes517 says:
    I am a seventeen year old boy, who is into the face pace type of music, but My heart is pierced every time i hear a song like this, and my soul become happy, and has a moment of rest :) I appreciate this song, and thank you for finding this.
  4. MrKristephan says:
    I first heard this in the late 70′s Still sounds… unearthly beautiful after all these years….

    thank you.

  5. califgirl101 says:
    @gordondelma You can find this beautiful album on Amazon or on Ebay if it is avalible! As I said, this is truly one of my most favored albums of all! Good luck and i hope this helps! :)
  6. 7thsontimearound says:
    completely beautiful, thank you.
  7. selene41 says:
  8. Roseillus says:
    I played this album while my children were being born (at home). It’s so peaceful and inspirational. I love it!
  9. lrhernandezo says:
    @gordondelma in amazon maybe or iTunes too maybe
  10. salinagrrrl69 says:
    I heard this on Soundscapes as I was taking my Sunday afternoon nap. I woke in a feeling of peace – S~e~a~p~e~a~c~e~~~~~~~~~~ ~  ~~ ~
  11. califgirl101 says:
    This is truly without a doubt one of my most favored classical/new age harp albums in the world! I’m gonna get this awesome cd even though I have it in cassette! *smiles* thank you so much for this beautiful video!
  12. mlburton45 says:
    My all time favorite has to be Nilapadma on the sea peace cd. That music will give you a mental orgasm!
  13. gordondelma says:
    Where can I buy this album?
  14. hapzap13 says:
    AWESOME !!!!! she is the best .
  15. peksi987 says:
    Yep. I must say that new age songs & artists are sometimes lacking quality musicianship and carefully arrangements, but this one is far from being just good background music. I can’t find anything lacking or missing in this song…..
  16. peksi987 says:
    Agreed! One of the best I have heard from new age stuff and I have listened a lot of this type of music.
  17. WaddeDarinDarin says:
    arrangement is frighteningly beautify and Horribly Haunting to a suspensful curiosity.
  18. e5acf4 says:
    One of the most beautiful pieces of new age music :o )
  19. autumn1231 says:
    Anyone trying to put together a music collection of this genre you must start with this one.
  20. subliminal55 says:
    wow! i listened this wonderfull track so many years ago, and so glad i found it! thank you!!!!!!!!
  21. ithinkthoughti says:
    i love harp!

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