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Get Out of Debt with Debt Dr Video Testimonial for Alan Oatham. –Alan Oatham, Berkshire’s debt Dr — is a debt and insolvency professional providing bespoke solutions to individuals and businesses. He is compassionate and sympathetic and knows how complex and pressurised it can be to own business and manage a household budget. Alan’s professional background is in commercial banking and business consulting and he has assisted with the financing of many household names. He’s been self-employed since 1999 and has worked as a freelance business turnaround manager, responsible for restructuring and refinancing businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multi million pound companies. He’s been directly responsible for the running of large companies with up to £8M turnover, and has both restructured and closed businesses. His experience in the banking sector gives him valuable insight into what makes the finance world tick. Alan Oatham loves helping people get free of their debt with a passion and he will support your journey with great care and humour. Filmed and produced by RoardioTV. Royalty Free Music http


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