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Getting Legal Help for Corporate Tax Planning

Why do you need an attorney to handle taxation? Many have the misconception that as they have a Certified Public Accountant for help, there is no need for a legal practitioner. However, as mentioned, several reasons make it essential for a business to retain a competent tax attorney.

Here are the seven key reasons all Florida businesses require to get in-house legal counsel regarding taxes.

Time is a crucial reason. If you think that you would gradually understand all details regarding taxation, it is time to think again. From the day you start your business, you need to have a clear idea about your tax obligations and the way to fulfill these.

Understanding which business form would be suitable is important. Your attorney may be able to analyze your financial situation and help determine which business form would be most advantageous.

Assessing gross income is also necessary for your business. Some elements are goods, property, services, bartering, and income (derived from sales). If you fail to report these properly, there is the chance of incurring additional taxes, interests and penalties.


State taxes applicable on your business vary. If you do business outside the home state, you may need to pay additional state taxes for this. Florida tax attorneys would have a good idea about how this affects your tax filings.

Employee tax filings are also another area that requires expertise. Even if you have one employee, that is yourself, you may have tax obligations. Things get complicated if you act as both the employee and employer in a sole proprietorship company.

Settling on the tax year also requires legal help. Whether you have the right to select a year or the government chooses it for your business, your attorney may help you make the right choice or comply with the standards.

Evaluating business deductions that you may avail is also an important task. If you have qualified legal counsel, he/she would not only help you understand which deductions you qualify for, but how to utilize them as well.

Tax laws, both federal and state one, change frequently. Only a competent attorney is capable of keeping track of these changes and helping you change in accordance to these. Moreover, they also help you understand the application, interpretation and implication of the Internal Revenue Service statutes.

Any error in this regard and you become susceptible to audits, investigations, penalties, and such other hassles. This is why it is always a wise idea to get legal advice beforehand.

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