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GGN- Economic News :: December 2, 2010 Part 2/2

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned on Tuesday that a long period of high unemployment could exact a steep social cost. – (Bloomberg) Employers in the US announced plans in November to cut 48711 jobs, the most in eight months, as government agencies trimmed payrolls. – (Press TV) The UN has warned in a report that the US may be hit by a double-dip recession and 10 percent unemployment next year if the economy is deprived of more stimulus packages. – (Press TV) Economic growth in the eurozone slowed in the third quarter as governments’ austerity measures aimed at cutting record budget deficits dented recovery. – (Telegraph) Millions of households are falling behind with their bills as an extra 40 per cent take on more debt to cover the costs, insolvency experts report. – (Bloomberg) The Federal Reserve withheld details on individual securities pledged as collateral by recipients of $885 billion in central bank loans, denying taxpayers a measure of the risks they faced from its emergency aid. – (Irish Examiner) UP to €15 billion from the National Pensions Reserve Fund, set aside when the Celtic Tiger was still roaring, is likely to be used to recapitalise three of the country’s banks. HEADLINES Bernanke warns on long-term joblessness Employers in US Announce Most Job Cuts in Eight Months, Challenger Says White House to Release Report on Nationwide Effect of Expired Jobless Aid UN: US risks double-dip


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6 Responses to "GGN- Economic News :: December 2, 2010 Part 2/2"

  1. peterjol says:
    @buddybleau ..ANY form of monetary system has a built in fatal flaw requires profits and infinite growth on a finite planet. We are ensuring our own destruction if we continue to use a monetary system, there is no ‘fixing’ it. Nothing will change now even if we went back to the gold standard .
  2. buddybleau says:
    @peterjol There was nothing wrong with the monetary system when we were on the gold standard. It’s the slimy stealing politicians that aren’t any good. And the Federal Reserve bank.
  3. peterjol says:
    Well nobody has managed to provide me with me ANY good reason to keep on believing in the monetary system instead of supporting the Zeitgeist movement and changing to a Resource Based Economy.
  4. AmericanNohbuddy says:
    nWo 4 life
  5. alifia23 says:
  6. hatch381 says:
    I just keep preparing…..Hell…I even have a gas mask. Thanks ddarko.

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