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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Law » GGN- News Bulletin :: October 31, 2011 Part 1/3 (Economy, Eugenics)

GGN- News Bulletin :: October 31, 2011 Part 1/3 (Economy, Eugenics)

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Please visit: for the latest news commentary by Global Government News. Please donate to GGN because it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. HEADLINES WITH LINKS: Obama Is Not A Keynesian, He’s An American! 360 Tonnes of Contaminated Relief Food Recalled World of Work Report 2011- ILO says world heading for a new and deeper jobs recession, warns of more social unrest More than 60 percent of global consumers downbeat – Nielsen Eurozone unemployment at record high Japan takes action to devaluate currency Don’t count on us to help you out of your single-currency hole, China tells Europe How the Eurocrisis laid bare world’s new economic order George Soros attacks Brussels rescue deal Ancient rules give prince veto on planned UK laws Tony Blair, the billionaire donor Lakshmi Mittal… and a major deal in Kazakhstan Chavez orders more land taken from British firm Priceless paintings to Rolex watches… Pawnbrokers see increase in middle class clients Gov’t Funded Apartments Run ‘Teens Going Green’ Program; Teens ‘Policing Their Parents’ About Recycling HUD AWARDS NEARLY $100 MILLION IN NEW GRANTS TO PROMOTE SMARTER AND SUSTAINABLE PLANNING FOR JOBS AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Sneaky smart-meter price hike California’s New Green Tax tinyurl


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21 Responses to "GGN- News Bulletin :: October 31, 2011 Part 1/3 (Economy, Eugenics)"

  1. Anothercoilgun says:
    The second I seen that sign I knew two things. Its about economics and that those on the footage would not understand the sign.  I am on a roll.
  2. DackIsBack says:
    I nearly busted a nut when I saw that sign…

    ROFL… I knew what was going to happen.

    Bitches don’t know about Obama’s Keynesian Economics…

  3. sandmarch7 says:
    0:45 proof that fat white girls are hungry for black cock?
  4. TheJsmth1234 says:
    After 1 min of watching: r u saying Kenyan or Keynesian refering to his economic ideology?
  5. JesusFingeredBabies says:
    the thing is that it doesn’t even matter if Obama was born on Venus because he’s been the president for almost 1 full term now. This should be proof enough that none of your votes even matter and they “select” NOT elect whom they want. Hell, everyone could vote for guy whitey corngood #1 and if the elite want guy whitey corngood #2 as president then he will be the president.
  6. crackerwv says:
    And of course those two hags are aware of their Illuminati shit. Gaga=PLUTO which was supposedly a moon of SATURN and she was born in the Pythian House in NYC which IS a freemasonic TEMPLE. Beyonce is married to JAY-Z, another bohemian grove bitch and illuminati slave boy. They are well aware of what they are doing or whatever is POSSESSING them is well aware of it. Demons.
  7. crackerwv says:
    Red Cross=Rosi (red) Crucian (cross.) The knights of Malta. The Maltese Cross.
  8. crackerwv says:
    Barack Obama’s “father” was a BRITISH CITIZEN and was the MINISTER OF FINANCE for KENYA when it was a CROWN LAND of the U.K. Being a British Citizen would make Barack Obama a NATIVE Born citizen not a NATURAL BORN citizen therefore excluding him from the presidency by the standards in article 2 section 1 clause 5 of the Constitution. These people are RETARDED. It doesn’t fucking MATTER if he was even born in Hawaii, which he WASN’T, he STILL should NOT be president. Never mind he’s a FELON.
  9. crackerwv says:
    Obama is a stupid fucking corporate conglomerate Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger and Bohemian Grove puppet. His and his wife had to “vonlutarily surrender” their law license to avoid being IMPRISONED for SSN and real estate fraud that Barack/Saebarka Soetoro/Barry Soetoro/Barak Mounir Ubayd committed under the fake name Harrison J. Bounel. The people in that first video are fucking retarded and need to LEARN about these people before they blindly VOTE for them.
  10. deathpiggy89 says:
    The Red Cross is a horrible organization!!!
  11. babaloo42 says:
    So funny watching people get irate about something they don’t know anything about. Steve Allen did the same thing in the sixties when he asked people on the street what they thought about heterosexuality. Turned out most of them were disgusted by it.
  12. shell7324 says:
    “I’m not going to judge people.” so says the guy in the hitler costume.
  13. FlyingAxblade says:
    OOCUPY a Brave New World
  14. FlyingAxblade says:
    OOCUPY 1984!
  15. wwwCrashJPMcom says:
    here comes the collapse…..

    total-collapse . com

  16. cass1146 says:
    damn ddarko…love the truth with your fantastic touch of sarcasm… every vid…fantastic!
  17. cmonconan says:
    @cmonconan The thrid instalment of the series even tells you videogames are used to modify the way people look at combat, training them for future warfare. The friggin game tell you..sigh how nice.

    Trust me the MGS series gave me a lot of missing puzzle pieces, might take you a long time to watch but what they talk about is spot on, minus the videogame esqe bs slapped in there to sell it.

  18. cmonconan says:
    BTW just a quick thought,
    I played this video game once, and it showed me the future, lol.
    Back then i was to blind to see, but change a few names, and remember this is supposed to be a game.
    Metal Gear Solid 4 son of the patriots, go watch a MGS4 movie,
    It might take long and most of it will be a blur but all the tech you see was created with the advice of military experts.
    The whole series shows you the complete friggin plan.
    Transhumanism, Proxywars in the middle east, nano mind control etc..
  19. TRIPCITY44 says:
    Man. That last segment!
    Going to mention the weather and climate satilite. All that pollution just to get it up there!
    Speechlees though.
  20. 911sc1982 says:
    OMG what a bunch of bufoons those liberals are!! Doesn’t Matter??
  21. teska365 says:
    Holy shit that 1st vid was fucking hilarious!!!

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