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Gold and Silver News Recap 10/31-11/4 What are ETR’s?

Yen Weakened MF Global Bankruptcy and CEO Resignation Greek Referendum/Ultimatum/Confidence Vote Fed 2012 Outlook ETR Descroption

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25 Responses to "Gold and Silver News Recap 10/31-11/4 What are ETR’s?"

  1. devided1001 says:
    @moviematcanada Oh no u can force the horse to drink the water. If it don’t well anything can happen but it depends on outside influence.
  2. atdream105 says:
    I like the fact that you guys comments straight from the information given by the Canadian Mint. It’s hard proof that you can’t ignore. Watch out for another scam!
  3. tesskansas says:
    Holiday. Maybe you can bring us up to date on Monday.
  4. heldenkatze says:
    Much thanks.
  5. iamryko says:
    In essence the ETR is a form of fraud no different to what JP Morgan does on a DAILY Basis, but my i am sure if investor where to go down the road of ETR it would only increase the wealth of the physical holding investors in the long term or when the main stream media finally tells the people about gold and silver as it would drive up the value and price of physical bullion due to the shortage in the market.
  6. raymintboy says:
    It has PONZI written all over it -stay away !! You heard Mike here in this video on his opening statement-”IF YOU DON’T HOLD IT YOU DON’T OWN IT “
  7. LP101A says:
    Good job, great advice.
  8. GSDebunked says:
    great videos!! get a hold of the “go ahead and’s” though!
  9. BellHuey72 says:
    Saturday October 5th? Don’t you mean Saturday November 5th
  10. blazefury2010 says:
    @ruurdruurd They actually lowered margins. Waiting to see if we get a pop tonight. But may not have any effect yet.
  11. felixdov says:
    Thanks dude…. got some funky fun- with- facial- hair going on there…:-)
  12. 17Spartacus76 says:
    Where can I get my hands on a copy of that prospectus? I can’t find it anywhere online on or the Mint’s website :(
  13. VegasRage says:
    Good info, also liked the presentation
  14. 21scuderia says:
    how can I learn about investing in the market?

    how can i learn how to invest in precious metals?

  15. DuncanL7979 says:
    @lh2000 Chill out, the announcements from the CME have been very cryptic and even zero hedge interpreted them wrong. Read the clarification from the CME, margins are actually coming DOWN. If he just jumped to reporting the story he likely would have gotten it wrong as well. Verified and confirmed news is better than news with uncertainty and rumors.
  16. moviematcanada says:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink!

  17. lh2000 says:
    The more time you spend NOT TALKING about the CME margin hikes, the more credibility you lose. It’s unfortunate, but most stackers don’t need to wait for you to spoon-feed us with retroactive explanations on changes in the PM environment.

    We’re on this channel because of Mike, and this really isn’t his style to provide info after the facts surface.

  18. edmack4me says:
    ETR=electronic trash developed to divert funds from going into physical.
  19. hc167 says:
    thanks for the information. this ETR sound like another propaganda.
  20. rolficus says:
    thank you guys
  21. robertc190 says:
    @GoldMikeMaloney Thanks I hope silver will still be for sale on your website if silver and gold prices fall hard. I heard of many sites closing for “maintain” during this time. Your site is the only site I trust to mail my silver here to Japan.
  22. ImRichRu says:
    @ruurdruurd from what I’m reading they did a follow up stating that its a margin downgrade as in lower margin calls. from what I gather… good for newbies and a non event for stackers
  23. clintcarter says:
    Like it…thanks!
  24. devided1001 says:
    @tesskansas Thats what we’re all doing, wait I mean forced to do? I don’t like the whole you know dramas over a weekend thing & then rush monday or that week. rrrhh looks like preparation tactics are going to have to change/get riskier.
  25. devided1001 says:
    @ruurdruurd Keeping it slow 4 the new guys, drag it out a little bit. If your not paying for mikes inside information.

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