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Gold price continues to rise, (subtitled) by Carlos Bendayan

Why Gold rises?, What are the reasons for the rise in gold?, Which makes up the gold? , So far as gold?. Why gold price is rising ? Carlos Bendayan, To understand the current price of gold we will go back to 1980 when the crisis erupted at the time was called “Saving & Loan Crisis” in Spanish would call La Crisis de Ahorro y Prestamo, which ended with only 747 financial institutions in the United States, and trigger a global sovereign debt especially in Latin American countries where the insolvency and refinancing were the headlines daily. It was then at the height of the crisis that gold prices reached their peak price of $ 850 an ounce. That price if we currently adjusting for cumulative inflation and devaluation of the dollar, would give us approximately $ 2385 per ounce. In that sense we can see that the price of gold has not yet reached its true maximum price which gives it room to grow. commodities “stock market” “new York” gold price why cause analysis finance trading google free youtube internet how wich were twitter blog United States Spain Venezuela cnn bloomberg cnbc hotmail gmail Miami Caracas Venezuela Madrid Spain Espana are hot

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