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Greece Barricades: ‘We don’t owe! We don’t sell! We don’t pay!’

Budget cuts or bankruptcy – a tough choice for the Greek Parliament which is facing a crucial austerity vote. European leaders have already warned Athens there are no other options. Protesters are already flocking to the Parliament – thousands of them are again venting their fury over the planned measures.


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25 Responses to "Greece Barricades: ‘We don’t owe! We don’t sell! We don’t pay!’"

  1. polygamous1 says:
    give me a gun i’ll rob a bank Give me a bank i’ll rob the world, n this is what they have been doing to Greece the USA n Europe against ppl’s wishes the Only country that stood up to the banksters is ICELAND instead of paying for what the crooked banksters robs they procecuded them n put them in Prison but for the ones who run away wih their stolen loot m where given “Politocal assylum! 1 with $1.6 BILLIONS THE PILAGE OF THE RUSSIA ECONOMY they stole Trillions till Putin came to power thank GOD
  2. jimrovisson says:
    @tilemacro Καλά έκανες και μου απάντησες στα Αγγλικά, μήπως και ξεστραβωθούνε και οι υπόλοιποι που μας βρίζουν…
  3. tilemacro says:
    @jimrovisson 6000-16000 euro year income Pay around 50% as taxes
    The 150.000 – Income people pay around 2 – 10 %
    Big ship owners pay 1%
    Our real dept is 30billion the rest are interest, We already have paid this back many times over.
    The dept is a bank robbery of a nation.
  4. tilemacro says:
    @ukusapillage And they were being badly managed in some cases so they would be sold chap. Are you a really big corporation, wanting a cut in Greece public power network ?
    Pay a politicians 10 million so they mess things up. And you gain 10 Billions latter. by buying the power network cheaply.
    Its called corruption.
    Besides Public services don’t have much profit cause their services are cheap. They are to serve the people. Not some lazy rich guy.
  5. ukusapillage says:
    the reason why public things are being privatized is because they were badly managed, we all know imf does…
  6. DefenderOfLogic says:
    Fuck this Leftist Lesbian cunt.
  7. makedonec94 says:
    When u had problems with the persians we help you fight them, so we are gonna help u now to, cuz we are good pepole… Take a edvice from your macedonian brother…
    DO LIKE US!!
    Work 8 hours everyday, 5 days every week(minimum)
    Pay 25% taxes to your country(minimum)
    Pay your house, gas, food etc. taxes…
    You’r lazy… u say that u are alexanders sons, but you’r noot… Real macedonians work hard and you’r noot… Stop being lazy, start working hard and wait for better moments, like we do….
  8. LesMarvelous says:
    RESPECT for the Greek resistance and for this strong woman!
    She was right, that the government won’t stay longer than October; at least Papandeou had to go and others will follow soon.
    People need no patriarchal rulers, no government which tells them what to do, and organises their supplies. The organised working class can control themselves what and how they produce.
    We are the majority; we have the strength to make a radical change. The first step: Occupy the factories!
    People before profit.
  9. TheJaredboy1 says:
    hmm… it seems like they didn’t like their food service at McDonalds…
  10. am1966ath says:
    @x3ntric That its happening..the young educated greecs are leaving Greece. The greec government is planning to tax poor greecs to death. You greecs must be full of anger inside yourselfs…the PASOK isn t influenced by the USA but by socialist Sweden..the different is that the swedish state is very rich, the greec state coffers are empty. But the greec politicians are rich.
  11. jimrovisson says:
    @MrBandidodo The dept exists to “recycle” itself my friend. You’re totally right. Our dept is 320billion, but except 70 billion the rest is interest. Pure robbery! I will tolerate high taxes and lower salary as long I can survive, but seeing the dept increasing despite our effords and the rich skipping their obligates makes me feel so disappointed…
  12. MrBandidodo says:
    More Debt to solve Debt….Can’t /won’t work….They should turn it down now before they owe even more…They are selling their Souls.
  13. haminacraft says:
    all greece people need to raped and hanged … those assholes are with italians, spanish and even portugalian people …. they are ruining our lifes .. OUR LIFES ….FOR WHAT!?!?! CAUSE THEY HATE US … THAT’S WHY .. i say war, and take down those piece of shits and we WILL take our fucking money back .. even .. if .. it .. takes .. lifes .. of .. EVERY ..greece citizen!
  14. wesblood007 says:
    Greece owes no one wake up people wake up world look what just happened to Libya this is a global take over by some very evil bankers that are pushing for the NWO …the IMF is a fucking joke a lie !!! GO GREECE GO don’t let your beautiful country get rape by these Lucifer cock suckers REMEMBER THIS IS SPARTA”
  15. ericssson says:
    let the greek girls shave their ass and sell it to the turks
    maybe they will become a little more productive with this ass selling idea
  16. chris610021 says:
    Europe  PIGS: Portugal,Italy,Greece,Spain
  17. MySuckableToes says:
    How to get fired being a Tax Collector in Greece… collect taxes.

    What a financial basket case Greece is. They have been sucking the wealth of Europe for years and should have NEVER been allowed to enter the European Union. Cut Greece loose and let them rot!

  18. dhebert111 says:
    So basically everyone is in the same boat, EVERYWHERE, in the world.
  19. imax173 says:
    WTF are u greek people doing? Lazy ass motherfuckers. Go work instead of demonstrating. These measures are necessary and it will only get worse if u dont take these measures NOW. Just 75% of the people are too god damn stupid to understand this. And what kinda moron u have for a president? A referendum. Pff governments have to sometimes take unpopular decisions but it is only for the greater good. What is this? Some kind of inappropriate ode to democracy???
  20. kopellhinex says:
    +rebelnarcopolitician+dictators+rulers+etc = DIRTY CAPITALIST SCAM PIGS.
    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS screwed life & society in human history.
  21. JAYJAY1000000 says:
    Fuck those Greek protesters
  22. GovernMentalFreedom says:
    America was once built on independence and self supporting – Today it has been robbed from its independence and dependent on a UNION – what wrong with the Soviet UNION, European UNION and Federal UNION? they all lack independence and UN-sustainable. Who will sell their children’s soul for temporary comfort?
  23. rambo753 says:
    A nation which has Socrates, Plato and Aristoteles in her heritage cannot accept to become the slave of Jewish bankers

    let’s get all rid of this criminal plutocracy!!

  24. ukusapillage says:
    do you greeks really think this whole atitude is good for your economy or european economy or anyone else, so many riots and yet you keep your corrupt filthy gov in place what fucking joke… maybe they will borrow more money after they default in this loan
  25. ukusapillage says:
    just the fact you put other countrys in the line witch now have to borrow at 11% more because of you and your whole fucking atitude, my country has privatize companys, did everything we were asked, while the fucking greeks did nothing yet they just lie and lie and stall and ask for more money and riot some more, just because your fucking atitude you should leve, your atitude is sneaky like your acting alone against europe by holding us hostage of your debt, by throwing sand at ppls faces

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