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Greece – Can anything help anymore? | Made in Germany

Will Greece declare insolvency? This question frightens investors and politicians all over the world. One thing is certain: Greece will not be able to meet the deficit-reduction goals it has set itself. The country desperately needs economic growth. Recent months have shown that savings measures alone are not enough. But how can the country start growing again? Economic experts see three possibilities: more tourism, more exports, and more agriculture. Report by Miltiades Arsenopoulos.


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  1. KhmerD0g says:
    The problem is Greece has too much debt. To cut down the debt it must create economic growth to pay off the debt. That is not possible because they have no capital to create growth due to huge debt. Or it can cut spending with austerity measures. But doing that decreases economic growth. Option 1 and 2 are bad. The only option for Greece is to get out of the Euro.

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