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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Uncategorized » Greece on the Verge of Insolvency? | Made in Germany

Greece on the Verge of Insolvency? | Made in Germany

The Euro is under pressure: budget deficits spinning out of control,dwindling confidence in the common currency,and a national bankruptcy on the horizon. Criticism is focusing on Greece.It’s budget deficit in 2009 is almost 13 percent,and the worst is yet to come. Greece’s debt crisis could throw the currency union into crisis. The big question: can the European Union afford to let a member country go bankrupt? Report by Militades Arsenopoulus.


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25 Responses to "Greece on the Verge of Insolvency? | Made in Germany"

  1. arcadian33333 says:
    Greeks became Europeans…
    Now… let’s see if you can ever become Greeks…
  2. politicaltourist says:
    Greeks don’t owe anyone anything. The EU systematically destroyed all Greek Industries and the EU< IMF< WORLD BANK
  3. tyseibert says:
    @dejaqwho Couldn’t have said it better myself lol however I think North America will probably have the same problem eventually. I’m American and I think we need to get our shit together too. Canada I’m not sure of, I wouldn’t know enough to say.
  4. tyseibert says:
    @dejaqwho Couldn’t have said it better myself lol however I think North America will probably have the same problem eventually. I’m American and I think we need to get our shit together too. Canada I’m not sure of, I wouldn’t know enough to say.
  5. dejaqwho says:
    @StellandBlood Greeks are lazy, you dont have the power to stop anything, you are at the mercy of European and North American charity. Never forget that you lazy bums…You dont accept reality. How can a country thats half communism function…it cant you bums. You cant have 2 months hollidays and be ultra lazy and then not accept that your country will be doomed econmically. When you figure that out, stop scapegoating you will be better off. Instead of being lazy, stupid bums.
  6. kostas3211 says:
    @dejaqwho greeks like any other people in the world start from the low…then saving money you create something else like a biseness dickhead…..and when we had civilization u where waiting the mammoth to shit to build houses! hahahahahhahaha!! im joking for that!
  7. yeniceri1015 says:
    @StellandBlood I get the point that Greece has been screwed over big time by big game banking and speculators. Outsides only blame the Greeks and Greeks only blame the outsiders. You have to admit Greece itself also had a huge hand in what has happend, not just the government either. Rhetoric about the land Greece currently occupies being so far advanced 3000 years ago isn’t reallly an argument. It makes you guys look silly.
  8. StellandBlood says:
    @yeniceri1015 I just state facts to some ignorant retards(who only blame Greece while this is a international crisis with source on US banks) who don´t address Greece with proper respect.
  9. yeniceri1015 says:
    @StellandBlood Are you guys still on that “Ancient Greece did this that and this a billion years ago” Dude wake up, Greeks of today have absolutely nothing to do with the culture or people of the region 3000 years ago. If you did, have any similarities with them, then tell me what Greece has done in the last 1000 years? That is aside from becomming so corrupt and decayed that it was taken over and dominated by a foreign power for hundreds of years.Stop going back 3000 years and fix ur problems.
  10. Linktothepast83 says:
    @dejaqwho More dept is called free handout in Canada? Remember me to do banking business there then. You say that we manipulated our books, who is that “we” exactly? Our politicians did it on their own, we knew nothing about it and they lied to us too. Our current PM said that there is a lot of money in Greece before he won the elections and the scandal broke out. Yet even now he gets awards for his honesty(!) outside Greece instead of kicking his ass. You are such a simple minded person…
  11. 5hitter says:
    Greece is not the first country that has politicians that have manipulated the books and most of us have not seen anything the EU has promised-The EU is just as corrupt having known many politicians in the EU were corrupt and did nothing-Maybe you should look at how pathetic your country is and its not canada as they are too ashamed to admit they are as they have stolen,murdered and looted lands that belong to someone else-Go criticize the US government for spending billions on silly wars
  12. 5hitter says:
    @dejaqwho-Really moron? Greece has had thousands of years of history-Your country whatever it is and its not canada-Probably some insignificant shithole that no one knows and definately not remember when it is gone-We have survived many invasions of which you seem not to care and not mention and have done nothing to anyone. You can blame the politicians in Greece if you like I will even join you but to refer to the country only shows how pathetic and illiterate you are.
  13. dejaqwho says:
    @arikat1 Not in my experiances, my debate about yoru people in my country was that idiotic countrymen from your country seems to blame everyone but greece for your troubles. Comparing my country to yours, where mine is prosporouse with major potential for the future, where as yours is collapsing. I was telling him I see greeks here accepting low paid jobs in Canada. So in that sense why do they come to Canada to do bad jobs if greece is so great. There are no Canadians doing these jobs in greece
  14. dejaqwho says:
    @arikat1 Your country is insignificant in todays terms and in the future. My country, people live with meaning and prosperity. If throwing rocks at policy sounds like your cup of tea, then by all means keep it up. Keep denying that it was you mostly who caused your countrys problems, you manipulated your books so that you could go even more in debt, instead of taking responsibility and realizing that this is your debt and that accepting free handouts from honorable contrys is shameful.
  15. arikat1 says:
    @dejaqwho Do Greeks cause trouble in your area? Honest question…
  16. arikat1 says:
    @dejaqwho Greeks will not take lessons of personal and social prosperity from a country that has nothing to offer to human history. When was the last time you were challenged as a nation by anything?! This makes you superior of nothing you see. Greece was and always will be in the center of things. I (honestly) prefer to eat my cheap tzatziki and throw rocks to police than to live without purpose in a country that, if destroyed today, would be completely forgotten
  17. cmorganis says:
    nobody speaks about the private sector in Greece where people work all day and night like dogs and carrying the burden of a fat Public Sector and of Germany’s unclear image of what Europe is and where it is heading! How can so diverse economies exist in Europe and have single policy and currency!?? It’s only logical for Southern Europe to have its own currency and policies and Northern Europe its own. The South and the North are vary different regions and are both causing trouble to each other
  18. StellandBlood says:
    The greeks that go to America to replace your invalid workforce of good for nothing fat retards….a achievement that even chinese and mexicans accomplish.
    Canada has the second greatest territory,90% is nothing but a wasteland,Canadians here in Europe are nothing but retards that clean our shit,nobody wants american 3rd worldist shit here,when you come in most cases you are sent back.
  19. dejaqwho says:
    @StellandBlood Yes Canada has the 2nd most resources right after Russia. I thought its a good time now to tell you that I trace my herritige to something like 33% Russian. Since you seem to praise them so much (almost every 2nd post you make lol), you are addmitting I am your master and that you clean my shit because you are a greek gypsy lazy and corrupt. lol O what fun it is to slap around dirty little sand nigger greeks around. You pathetic gypsys you have nothing on anyone in the world.
  20. dejaqwho says:
    @StellandBlood Yeah the real GDP allowes us to bring littly gypsy greeks to our country to clean our shit out of the toilet…so You number dont make sens in any way…again I understand you are mad that a realization has been bestowed upon you that you are the scum of this planet, lazy, corrupt, dishonorable people who need handouts from honorable countrys around the world. You are like a panhandler in the streets, begging for money, and making every excuse in the book. Its sad really.
  21. dejaqwho says:
    @StellandBlood Keep dreaming…Chinese want to make stuff for slave labor…we dont mind. I know you are upset about it since you greek gypsys dont have enough money anymore to even buy Chinease goods. We keep the good jobs. Again you never explain to me why I have greeks like you come and clean our shit out of the toilet…literarly. While there is no Canadians in that shithole greece. Why, you know its true you cant argue against it you know Canada is >>>>grece. Thats why you are so mad. LOL
  22. StellandBlood says:
    Who are the canadians if not stinky shitty fat bastards and robbers,descendants from european shit,today being replaced by workforces like the chinese…….the american is being replaced by the mexican……..
    North America is over,before the end of the century,US(and its vassal Canada) will be overpassed by countries such as Russia and Brazil.
    Canada is a bullshit with no real power.
  23. StellandBlood says:
    The real GDP of the average american is little more than 20,000 USD…….the american/canadian without international robberies,is a even greater third worldist,35,000USD/42,000 USD………HAHAHA
    We know your stinky tricks long ago.
  24. StellandBlood says:
    What is Canada if not a shitty and Isolated prolongation of Siberia vassal of the UK and of the USA;fully dependent of what the USA can steal from Saudi Arabia,african and south american countries,and on trade with Europe,in its turn dependent on certain factors like greek geopolitical position,a economy made in great part out of tricks,that in reality worths shit.
  25. dejaqwho says:
    @StellandBlood How stupid are you why would Europe go into socialism, they see greeks the lazy gypsy bums they are and how they are crumbling to begging from the world, and you think thats the modle they want to imitate…lol mand you are stupid. greeks are stinking lazy bums, panhandles of the world; and you have zero shame about this, how dishonorable can you get…well what can you expect from lazy sandnigger greeks.

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