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Greece, the euro and mining stocks

Watch the whole 25-minute video at Ronald-Peter Stöferle, of Erste Bank, and James Turk, Director of The GoldMoney Foundation, talk about about Greece and how its insolvency might play out, with implications for the Euro and how central bank actions have been unprecedented on both sides of the Atlantic. Ronald talks about his preference for physical gold over ETFs or any “paper gold” alternative. They talk about gold mining shares and how they are tremendously undervalued and will likely end up outperforming gold in the final stages of the bull market. They also talk about the uncertainties posed for equities by the end of QE2 and how it is unlikely that the Fed will completely end stimulus given US government financial needs, however Ronald expects that they might come up with a new name instead of calling it QE3. They also talk about seasonality and election year impacts on stocks and commodities. The interview was recorded on 14 May, 2011 in Hamburg, Germany.


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3 Responses to "Greece, the euro and mining stocks"

  1. quadcatfly says:
    europe is finished !
  2. abdullahhakan1 says:
    As gold is scarce resource, its price will always rise.
  3. IslandStyle123 says:
    Excellent interview James.

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