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Greek Crisis-The Fairytale of Bankruptcy-



  1. Has anyone declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy and been happy with it? I have a friend who took care of his mother and his aunt and accumulated a lot of credit card...

  2. I have a solution to the debt crisis, how about the whole economy files bankruptcy? Not just US national bankruptcy, but global bankruptcy. It’s time to chop the head off the zombie economy that is...

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25 Responses to "Greek Crisis-The Fairytale of Bankruptcy-"

  1. dunderklumpen13 says:
    Greece has a deficit of more than 12%, twice as high as Euro average and it’s the fact that they are a small economy and aren’t reliable when it comes to paying back the money (cuz they are small) that’s they are in such a hard place.

    sry for spelling and grammatical errors.

  2. unmarkedX says:
    Σωστο οτι δεν ηταν το ελειμα ουτε το χρεος , ουτε το παραμυθι του συνδιασμου των δυο που στοχοποιησε την ελλαδα
    αλλα η πραγματικη ιδαιτεροτητα της ελλαδας που την κατεστησε στοχο πρεπει να επισημανθει
    Η ΥΠΑΡΞΗ ΕΝΟΣ ΔΙΑΥΘΡΜΕΝΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΠΡΟΔΟΤΙΚΟΥ ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑΤΟΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΩΝ-ΙΔΙΟΚΤΗΤΩΝ ΜΜΕ ΚΑΙ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΟΚΑΦΡΩΝ που οικοδομουταν επι χρονια (τουλαχιστον 15) και διαπαιδαγωγουνταν ωστε να ειναι προθυμο να αποδεκτει και να στηριξει με το αζημιωτο την κατοχη
    Καμια αλλη ευρωπαικη χωρα δεν κυβερναται απο προδοτες
  3. GreekSawyer says:
    very good video, and true! but things are getting far more fu*ked up…..they are planing to use this so called crisis and fall of euro, in order to create 1 world currency….also they are planing to unite all the major goverments in the world into 1(european union+north american union+asian union+african union=1 WORLD GOVERMENT)…meanwhile at the usa, by coincidence, the ‘re perfecting microchips that in the future will be planted in humans(in order to avoid terrorism, of course….)
  4. enkiblackfly says:
    Simply Magnificent. As a greek man i need to say that not only Greece, not inly Netherlands, not only Iceland, but THE WHOLE WORLD is about to be transformed into o mass of robots, of creatures unable to speak or to express themselves. And if YOU think that the fault is of USA or of other powerful countries listen to this : the problem is in our selves , in the human brain , in the human need to prevail. Only if we GO OVER all these then we may have the chance to call ouselves Human
  5. gbilios says:
    this video is true..they are stealing our retirement funds..whose gonna bail out the people after the banks??
  6. roma8071 says:
    Good video. Thank you. This is what happened instead to Italy: during the 80s at the hight of its economic power, the 5th industrialized country in the world, people in strategic position of power, all masons, have bankrupted the country in order to make it go under GOLDMANSACHS. Then forced it into a war it didn’t want nor need. Today chinese are made to come in to work illegally to further undermine the economy. MAFIA, VATICAN & POLITICS ARE ONE. All under the Bankers.
  7. sydlending says:
    the greek public debt in 2009 was 115% of GDP, well above the eurozone average
  8. z8wr says:
    F*** the Inernational Monetery Fund, f***Goldman Sachs , J.P Morgan of the U.S , German Deutche Bank and all the smaller ones. Those few people are controlling the lifes of billions.. These are set scenes like 68”..This is a Corrupt rotten sytem.. For how long??? Needs change.. 21 century wake up…
  9. unmgame1 says:
    oh no!!Greek!! Then,Who’s Next???Spain?Italy?
  10. Tetsuoha says:
    The European Union is will be brake off in 20 years..
    The Nations must be strong agains the “liberalic” antinational cultureshit and the untrue brainwashing from the mainstream media!

    The bankerfamilies, fat megarich shareholders and the multi-companies rule the world!
    Wake Up Everybody! Open your eyes!!

  11. umilmi81 says:
    hi if a government owes more money to the people it employes than the entire productive output of the country then how can it ever pay i don’t know please tell me
  12. CAM2461 says:
    There are many aspects to the Greek problem. 1. No trust in Government and many people do not pay their tax; 2. Public service too big, many corrupt, take bribes “fakelaki” and inefficient; 3. Politicians have also not behaved properly and have led a poor example. The Greek problem can be fixed but it requires EVERYONE in Greece to change their behaviour. PAY YOUR TAX, REFUSE TO PAY FAKELAKI AND REPORT TO POLICE AND STOP STRIKING AND STOP BLAMING THE GOVERNMENT.
  13. armavid says:
    σημασία δεν έχει το χρέος αλλα η πίστη στην αγορά οτι μπορεί να το αποπληρώσεις
  14. CesarJoplin says:
    @Morningstar91 You are wrong. First you have to inform well.
  15. turkmanowar says:
    Greece is bankrupt
    no need to say anything else
    EU must kick greece ass
  16. tolgausa says:
    @Morningstar91 I am thinking Portugal will be next, or who knows maybe Italy ?
  17. SaveTheGreece says:
  18. fygas88 says:
    Πολυ καλο αλλα θα πρεπε να υπαχει και μεταφραση στα ελληνικα!! πως θα διαδοθει στον κοσμο? οποιος μπορει ας φτιαξει υποτιτλους ωστε να ειναι δυνατη η κατανοηση απο ολους….
  19. johnlyris says:
    Yes! wake up
    Courageous Greeks are brandished as zealots.
    Too many people associate violence with terrorism and it is sad to see the media take advantage of this assumption.
    Instead the truth is camouflaged by unscrupulous enemies.
  20. stanithurn says:
    In financial terms the deficit alone is not a really comprehensive term. The risk that these governement bonds bear is decisive and since Greece has an extremely weak economy and alot of corruption the market assigns alot of risk to the greek bonds due to a lack of trust. The Greek people have to start cleaning there act (corruption) an strenghten there economy – this can only be possible if the EU does not squeeze the country into a recession with a excessively tight plan.
  21. Morningstar91 says:
    Spain is the next target. If Greece goes down so will they.
  22. malehawk says:
    do not limit it in Europe the reaction must be global
  23. kokinokrayon says:
    Informative, now we need to be solutions orientated!
  24. neo19158 says:
    oute deksia oute aristera thanato sta afentika
  25. neo19158 says:
    oute aristera oute deksia thanato sta afentika

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