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Greek Default Likely Before Year-End

Leon Cornelissen, an analyst at Dutch asset management firm Robeco Groep NV, is saying “Greek debt restructuring” is likely by the end of the year. That is a nice word for default. Zerohedge recently posted an article on what will happen if Greece defaults: If Greece isn’t kicked out of the Eurozone it will cause European Central Banks to become insolvent as well (since they are severely exposed to the insolvency). If the European Union goes down, America only has a couple weeks at best before we default as well. The upcoming financial crisis (that we avoided in 2008) is upon us and it’s going to be far nastier since we have only been delaying the inevitable. Prepare accordingly. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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7 Responses to "Greek Default Likely Before Year-End"

  1. Alfredasgas says:
    Besides, Lehman destruction was one of the way to write -off part of the bobble debts and later on to stabilize money system. It was not possible to destroy all banks together because it would destroy all money system and one bank collapse would not make too much harm in the end. Actually, if there are going to be more shakes in the economy it’s one of the solution to sacrifice the follwing bank or the entire Greece and this way slowly to balance money market ….
  2. qortin says:
    fuck private bankers….. banks should be property of the people for the people
  3. mikethebodacious says:
    @YouTheory Well I surely hope you’re not calling me a Zionist, as I am in complete agreement with you. The main reason I mirrored this video was to bring awareness to the likely Greek default (which is even more probable since I posted this video 3 months ago). Once Greece goes it will take down the global economy. USA is more screwed as we have $14 trillion deficit and $200 trillion unfunded liabilities, not to mention the derivatives market. EU can print money as well don’t forget that.
  4. YouTheory says:
    What is crazy is that Greece has only about $411 billion in outstanding debt. Why are we worried about Greece? When USA DEBT is over 14 Trillion!!! USA Will default, Lets talk it up how USA cant pay off its debt in even 5 years! Why are we worried about $411 billion and not the USA 14 trillion? Zionist Hypocrites! My friend the only reason why no one talks about USA is because America has the printing press and prints money out of thin air!
  5. ukusapillage says:
    they want greece to default because all debtor countrys will default but then the can default this is what they hopping for so they can accuse southern europe for the fault then the usa can start with clean slate but i hope they dont think the dollar will be major currency again and also the british fags whho are in fact major players in eu destruction will be fucked too but they still got their colonys like canada and australia
  6. mikethebodacious says:
    @kidbilly1970 Lindsay Williams mentioned that before, he said if European Union collapses the United States has 2-3 weeks at best. The economy is so centralized and interconnected I think that timeline is expedient. There are too many factors to consider but I think at this point all we need is one massive default to pull down most of the global economy (emerging markets will be ok, at least the countries heavily invested in precious metals and are more isolated from the global markets).
  7. kidbilly1970 says:
    I agree, but how do you come up with the two week scenario (From time Greece defaults to the United States defaulting)?

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